Thursday, October 29, 2009

Race Change Speculation

I was talking to my Guild Leader the other day in vent about race changes and how popular the service is turning out to be. We play alliance, and a lot of serious PVPers have been switching to Humans for Every Man For Himself. He then told me that one of the best trinket options for a Human PVPer is a Greatness Deck since you don't need a Medallion anymore. With the fair right around the corner I expect a nice increase in sales of Nobles Decks and everything associated with the making Darkmoon Cards. So if you're Alliance you should really stock up on those herbs and eternals!
Your Auction Houses might become really dry, really quick.
I'm currently stockpiling and praying to RNJesus for lucky noble procs!

Woweconomics has a great post up on The Top 10 (Murphy’s) Laws of WoW Trading
It really made me smile! Make sure to check it out for a good laugh.

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  1. Glad you liked the post Tella. Interesting analysis of the economic results of race change. We'll keep an eye on this.

  2. Hey Tella,

    Did you notice the Will of the Forsaken nerf RIGHT after they brought out Race Change? There is so many unhappy new undead players right now!

    Good idea about Greatness cards, it's interesting how something like a race change can have a pretty major impact on the markets.

  3. Interesting idea on the cards. I'm on a really small battlegroup of about6 or 7 realms, which has been merged with a German battlegroup of similar size. Assuming it's not highly active in pvp for those reasons, I'll be watching the decks on my realm and seeing if that's correct - but I have a feeling it probably won't have a huge effect here.