Friday, June 25, 2010


Woot! I finally did it! A million gold in WoW! /happy dance

                                                               ( clickz to maek bigger )

So as promised..

I play on the US PvP realm, Daggerspine. My main is holy/disc priest named Helias.
Heres a link to my armory:

I'm having open invites to my personal guild bank (Space Goat) so if you'd like to see if i'm telling truth, you're more than welcome to come look :) Just whisper me on Helias or Alethya and i'll send you an invite.

If you do choose to come to my server, I only ask that you be respectful.

Will post the interview questions in a bit!

<3 Tella

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Oh Shit Inscription...


"Blizzard wants to make glyphs permanent so you don't have to carry a stack of them around. Simply learn the glyph and then you can swap it whenever you want."


IF IT GOES LIVE that's going to kill a huge portion of profit from Inscription.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Recommended Addons

New post on Tella's Gold Guide over at
on my recommended addons!

Check it out at: 

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tella's Gold Guide part 2! Start Up Capital and Flipping

Hai guys!

I just submitted the second part to my gold guide on You can go check it out at:

I'm looking forward to going really in-depth into professions and their best sellers in later parts of the guide, but for now I'm just going over really basic concepts to get newbies started :) If you have any recommendations, ideas, suggestions or requests on content I should write about -- let me know!

<3 Tella

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Zomg shes writing!

Zomg, can it be!? I'm doing -another- post in so short of time?! No 3 month length between posts!? NO WAI! THE SKY IS FALLING!

YES WAI! kek.

Anyway, Just wanted to say THANKYOU for all the great questions for the interview!! It's shaping up to be preeetttyy interesting! (Oh yes, I'm just that full of myself to think i'm interesting ;) )

I'm working hard to get this party started! Getting closer and closer to that mill by the day! WOOT.

Week: 27,240g
Total: 944,337g

55,663g to go!

In non-gold news, my server's Alliance side is juussst about dead. >.<. Our population has slowly been going Horde since they introduced Faction Transfers, but we got dealt a huge blow last week when the top guild on the server all decided to go Horde aswell! It fucking sucks! Even though were Top-Dog on Alliance now, all the other guilds are miles behind our progression so theres hardly any well-geared, experienced players out there to recruit. Combine that with our guild suffering a ton of people quitting/transferring and were left stuck in a rut!

The only good news about all that is with the top guild xferring, several Goblins went with them! Yaay, less fuckers to have undercuts wars with! lol.

Some more good news is I just started writing for!
You know how people always -love- to bitch about me not spoon-feeding you AH tactics and instead writing about my experiences? Well now I'm doing the opposite. I'm writing a full GOLD GUIDE on their site. So if you <3 me and want to show some of that <3 head on over to  
and say something nice!

Love you guys!
<3 Tella

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Gold Update

Hey Guys!

I'm tired of looking of that sad little 500k sitting over there ------>
I think it's high time for a gold update!

Since last update: 330,344g
Total: 917,097g

82,903g until a mill!!

I've decided that when I hit a mill, I'm going to do a “reveal all – tell all” interview, and YOU guys get to ask the questions. Anythings up for grabs.. my server, main character, bank alts, bra size(kek) If you've ever wondered, don't be shy to ask. I won't answer anything -really- inappropriate though, so please, try not to be smartasses :-P
I'll post all your questions and my answers on the blog. 
I'll also do open invites to my guildbank and maybe post up a vent server that you can come chat with me on. 

If you have a question you'd like to ask, you can leave a comment or e-mail me at

So now, heres a question for you..
What else should I do to do to celebrate a Million?
Maybe a small party on my server with a few giveaways like choppers, epic flyers, portable holes? 
Let me know!

<3 Tella

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What it takes..

The other day I was talking to a friend about my blog and I started wondering what it would take to make me want to post again. Well, I found it today.'re an idiot. She doesn't post advice here. It's nothing more than a ego trip of sorts. Either she plays on a server with zero competition (as it isn't possible with any sort of competition or undercutting) or she really isn't earning this gold at all. Essentially lying for the ad money.  "

Before I address the ludicrous part of that comment, I just want to apologize to anyone that is easily offended, blah blah, stop reading now if you are. Also yeah yeah, I shouldn't reply to people trolling. I just needed to rant and own some bitches.

ANYWAY, My style of writing has always been about what -I- do on the auction house, NOT about what YOU should do. If you want a blog outlining step-by-step instructions then by all means, look elsewhere. Theres PLENTY of them out there, let them go spoon-feed you tips. I always found reading some of them to be quite dull because theres only so many times you can tell people to..
- Sell gems
- Sell glyphs
- Belt buckles
- Netherweave bags
- Flasks
- Flip products
- Saronite Shuffle
- Enchanting Scrolls

I -could- be just like every other blog on my blog roll over there and tell you to OMFG BUY FROZEN ORBS. Or, I could tell you my personal results from stock piling over a thousand of them. Iunno, to me (probably because i'm a self indulgent bitch) sharing my experiences from it is a bit more interesting.

OKAY, onto the fun part. THE AD MONEY? Are you fucking serious? For the AD MONEY?
Heres a screen shot from my Google Adsense:

(clickz to maek biggar)
Edit: Orange'd out super secret sensitive info Google doesn't want me sharing.
-14- dollars from the ENTIRE time I've been writing this blog. I've never even finished submitting my tax information to be able to receive the check from Google.

Oh, btw, I play on a live server with plenty of competition and TONSSSSS of undercutting. I've had several people figure out who I am on my server and come up to me and ask me INGAME if I wrote Hit The Cap. Guess what? THEY READ MY BLOG AND POST AGAINST ME AND I STILL MAKE GOLD.
It's VERY possible to make gold under any circumstances. 

Kiss my fucking ass.

- Tella

PS: To all the people that still love me, I'm doing okay. I had to take a huge step back and re-evaluate my life and my priorities. Unfortunately, writing was one thing I felt needed to be cut. More than just not having the heart to do it anymore, but just not having the time to do it. I still play wow, I still raid, I still AH. Just not as much as I used to.

200k to go <3

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Wrapping Up: Week Nineteen

Week Eighteen Breakdown
I got a -ton- of requests to break down my numbers from last week and show which markets the gold came from. Unfortunately, I don't have sufficient data to tell you -exactly- where it came from since I pretty much post everything except glyphs from one alt. However, I can do a pretty decent guesstimate by how much stock I started with and how much I  had to restock.

Epic Gems: 20,000g
Blue Gems: 5,000g
Glyphs: 10,000g
Arrows/Bullets: 5,000g
Misc:  15,000g
(Misc = Bags, Shirts, Flasks, Belt Buckles, Enchant Scrolls, Leg Armor, Enchanting rods, and other random stuff)

Week Nineteen
From now on I'll try to keep better "bookkeeping" and do a breakdown of every week for you guys.

Week: 32,946g

Total: 586,753

Compared to last week, those numbers are poopy. Glyphs and Gems did decent but I hardly made anything off of my other markets. It was due to quite a dry spell in raw materials, which meant I couldn't restock very well. Frost Lotus are up to 70g a pop on my server and I ran out of my reserves so no flask posting, I'm out of belt buckles, I have 0 saronite ore left, and netherweave cloth is almost non-existent.

Now, you might be wondering how I let everything run so low to the point of empty.. I HAD three guild banks FULL of stock, but with hardly any farmers and having 50k weeks in profit, your stock dwindles reeeaally quickly. I can't tell you how much I'm kicking myself for not taking advantage of raw materials when they were cheap and plentiful on the AH. I really need to start buying everything I can while the goings good, so I can ride it out when the goings DRY.

Epic Gems: 15,000g
Blue Gems: 2,000g
Glyphs: 9,000g
Arrows/Bullets: 2,000g
Misc: 4,000g

This week I'm going to concentrate on getting ready for the next Arena season which is due to drop very soon (PROBABLY NEXT WEEK!) Which means stocking up on +Resil/Stam Gems, Enchants, Glyphs, and Patches! I might even have to go farm a bit (EEWWWWW) for some saronite.

GL guys!

- Tella

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wrapping Up: Week Eighteen

500k mark smashed ;D Halfway to the mill, woot!

Week: 55,333g

Total: 553,807g

My computer is super emo and decided to blue screen in the middle of my post yesterday, GG, so of course I lost what I had written because I'm a noob and didn't check autosave ;D

Anyway, I wanted to talk to you guys today alittle bit about some of my plans for the direction of this blog.
First of all, I apologize for the lack of content while I was on vacation and while I'm trying to get some semblance of my "normal" life back.

- I really want to get back on-track with writing HELPFUL posts and not just "braggy" ones. With it being so hectic around here, It's been hard to post anything but numbers. While this blog has always been 'a record of my journey' I really want it to be a tool in helping YOU in yours.

- The video series has generated a lot of interest, I definitely want to get to work on recording them!

- New realm project. (I need a better name for that)

I'm not going to make the mistake of sticking a time-frame on these things, god knows I won't be able to keep it lol, but I wanted to let you know that I really DO want to do them and I'm excited to start working on them :)

Thanks for sticking with me so far!

- Tella

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Wrapping Up: Week Seventeen

Omg, a post that's actually on time?? No wai!

Week: 47,395g

Total: 498,474g

I'm really happy to be home again, playing lag-free is awesome sauce :)
I have a TON of restocking and crafting to do, Only 20 belt buckles left, yikes!

According to some people, for me to be successful I must..

- Bot
- Have no life
- Hold no occupation
- Be a stay at home mother that does not have the time to give her child the attention it deserves.
- Have a significant other that's very dissatisfied with me since I play games all day
- Suck at all other aspects of the game since I play the AH
- No time to raid current content at any respectable pace
- Baddie that stands in fire and paid for her gear.
- Play on a low pop server
- Have 0 competition
- Play on a "fantasy land server" with unrealistic prices and imaginary buyers.
- Have a server full of total and complete incompetent morons
- Play on a server with no other goblins
- Fake it

Those are all quotes that I've gathered from people. Man, for all that to be true I must be a pretty awesome person! I'm gunna try to make myself less awesome and fix some of these..

- I don't bot.
- I actually do have a life, *gasp*!
- No occupation is correct! Yay the economy blows, been job hunting for almost a year now WOOT!
- No kids. Thankgod!
- My boyfriend plays WOW with me :)
- I'm  amazing at PVE. period. and my highest arena rating for this season was 1800, pretty sucky but I hardly ever PVP.
- My guild is in the Top 500 for the US in 25m progress according to GuildOx
- My guild runs on DKP, we do not sell gear. I have never bought gear drops from my guild (or any other). The only things I've bought from them are mounts, patterns, and mats. I've only died in a fire ONCE in WOW and that was when I DC'd in a flame patch :)
I earned my gear, I earned my legendary.
- I play on a medium population PVP server.
- I have PLENTY of competition, in every market that I'm in. Cannot go 5 minutes without being undercut to hell.
- No.
- Plenty of morons, but plenty of smarty buyers and sellers as well
- There are seven other goblins on my server that play the AH everyday.
- No.

Now that that's all said and done, I can say that words are fucking cheap and all that really doesn't mean shit. SO I'm going to go prove it. I'm going to go start on a very high-pop server with 0 gold, 0 professions and 0 chars and see how far I get. I'm not going to spend much time on it, as my main is my top priority and I don't want to abandon my home market. I've moonlighted on a few other servers before and been pretty successful, so this should be fun!

All you haters can keep on hating, it just fuels me ;)

Know a server I should go to or don't want me to come to YOUR server? Lol, Let me know!

- Tella

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Wrapping Up: Week Sixteen

I'm late again! Such a naughty Tella.. tsk tsk.

Week: 41,924g

Total: 451,079g

Oh snap, looks like I went and blew my goal out of the water again. Gee, I think I might have to give myself more of a challenge! This shit is getting easy! ;D. What should my next goal be? Should I go for a 3rd cap? Or maybe.. Maybe I should go for a MILLION.. I think a Million sounds damn good :)

Had another very busy week outside of WOW.. My grandma's surgery went well and shes recovering great! I've had to finish a lot of her projects and tie up loose ends for her since shes going to be moving to the states to start Chemo.

I'm returning to the US on Jan 10th. Can't wait to get home and back into my old routine. Not to mention playing WOW with no lag! Man it's rough playing with 3,000 latency. Auctions take FORRREEEVVVERRR!! Lol.

Had a nice raid week, new bosses are fun! :) We downed Festergut and Rotface in 25, havn't done 10man yet. My priestess got a lot of new gear, she looks awesome in her T10 shoulders and helm!

Well this had to be short guys, I have a lot to do. <3 you all.

- Tella