Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What it takes..

The other day I was talking to a friend about my blog and I started wondering what it would take to make me want to post again. Well, I found it today.

Bigjimm....you're an idiot. She doesn't post advice here. It's nothing more than a ego trip of sorts. Either she plays on a server with zero competition (as it isn't possible with any sort of competition or undercutting) or she really isn't earning this gold at all. Essentially lying for the ad money.  "

Before I address the ludicrous part of that comment, I just want to apologize to anyone that is easily offended, blah blah, stop reading now if you are. Also yeah yeah, I shouldn't reply to people trolling. I just needed to rant and own some bitches.

ANYWAY, My style of writing has always been about what -I- do on the auction house, NOT about what YOU should do. If you want a blog outlining step-by-step instructions then by all means, look elsewhere. Theres PLENTY of them out there, let them go spoon-feed you tips. I always found reading some of them to be quite dull because theres only so many times you can tell people to..
- Sell gems
- Sell glyphs
- Belt buckles
- Netherweave bags
- Flasks
- Flip products
- Saronite Shuffle
- Enchanting Scrolls

I -could- be just like every other blog on my blog roll over there and tell you to OMFG BUY FROZEN ORBS. Or, I could tell you my personal results from stock piling over a thousand of them. Iunno, to me (probably because i'm a self indulgent bitch) sharing my experiences from it is a bit more interesting.

OKAY, onto the fun part. THE AD MONEY? Are you fucking serious? For the AD MONEY?
Heres a screen shot from my Google Adsense:

(clickz to maek biggar)
Edit: Orange'd out super secret sensitive info Google doesn't want me sharing.
-14- dollars from the ENTIRE time I've been writing this blog. I've never even finished submitting my tax information to be able to receive the check from Google.

Oh, btw, I play on a live server with plenty of competition and TONSSSSS of undercutting. I've had several people figure out who I am on my server and come up to me and ask me INGAME if I wrote Hit The Cap. Guess what? THEY READ MY BLOG AND POST AGAINST ME AND I STILL MAKE GOLD.
It's VERY possible to make gold under any circumstances. 

Kiss my fucking ass.

- Tella

PS: To all the people that still love me, I'm doing okay. I had to take a huge step back and re-evaluate my life and my priorities. Unfortunately, writing was one thing I felt needed to be cut. More than just not having the heart to do it anymore, but just not having the time to do it. I still play wow, I still raid, I still AH. Just not as much as I used to.

200k to go <3