Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Wrapping Up: Week Fifteen

This Week: -814g
Total: 409,155g

Yikes! Negative gold. Yuuuck. I actually made a decent amount of gold this week, but spent way more than I should have. Christmas combined with time constraints, family issues and Blizzard being douchey really cut into my earnings.

This week I spent..
15k on Christmas presents (Few Portable Holes)
I made my priest the new Legs and Booties from ICC..
26k on Primordial Saronite
5k on Moonshroud
Plus enchants and gems for a lot of new gear I got in ICC 25
= Around 48kg
So I actually MADE 48k this week and then spent it on crap ;D

A few days before Christmas my Grandma was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer and then she had surgery on the 26th. I've been spending most of my time at the hospital with her, coming home for a few hours at night to sleep and then going back. I've gotten a little bit of time to repost and then I was able to raid on Sunday night, but other than that no WOW for me!

Also on the 24th I received a "Account Action Notification -- Exploitative Activity Found" e-mail and my account was suspended for 72 hours.
"This suspension happened because one or more characters on the account were identified exchanging, or contributing to the exchange of, in-game property (items or gold) for "real-world" currency. This exchange process negatively impacts the World of Warcraft game environment by detracting from the value of the in-game economy. "

YEAH RIGHT. I also received a message from Battle.net saying my password had been reset o.O So I called them and waited on the phone for -40- fucking minutes for a representative to speak to me. Conversation went something like this:

Tella: Hey, I received an e-mail stating my account was suspended for 72 hours due to exploitative activity and my password has been reset
Customer service rep: Well it sounds like your account security was compromised. You need to be very careful visiting webistes ----
Tella: Sorry to cut you off but I have an authenticator
Rep: Sorry, What?
Tella: I have a blizzard authenticator on my account.
Rep: Oh well then I don't think you were hacked
Tella: Uh-huh..
Rep: It looks like your account was flagged due to a foreign IP. Have you shared your authenticator with anyone?
Tella: No, that's me. I'm visiting family in the Republic of Panama for the holidays.
Rep: Oh I see, well I'm very sorry your account was flagged, when we see large transactions occurring on an account with a foreign IP we flag them for suspicious activity.
Tella: Large transactions.. Lol, I make quite a few of them everyday, that's normal activity for my account. I have over 400k in my personal guild bank.
Rep: *tick tick tick* Yes, I see that. Well, I'm going to ask a GM to take a look at this and I'm sure we'll have your account back to you and running in no time.
Tella: Uh.. it's the day before Christmas and there was a 40 minute wait to even speak to you..
Rep: *laughs* I'll mark it urgent
Tella: Thanks!

Long story short, the suspension was lifted the next day. I was really happy they got it taken care of so quickly, but still a little pissed that I had to "Do time without committing a crime". This is actually the SECOND time I've been wrongfully accused by Blizzard. The first time was a major hassle, I was suspended for a the full 72-hour period and THEN my account was cleared. They credited my account with time, but it was still fucking bullshit. Slam down the ban-hammer without fully investigating the situation. GG! Those e-mails were actually pretty interesting, I'll let you guys read them..

Account Action: 72 Hour Suspension
Offense: Bug Exploitation
Details: Intended Exploitation of game bug

A user of the above account has recently been involved in actions deemed inappropriate for the World of Warcraft by the In-Game Support staff of Blizzard Entertainment. This decision was made after a thorough investigation of the situation as a whole. During the course of our investigation, we discovered that the character listed above had received item(s), experience, or money obtained through exploitation.

I received an account suspension notice due to "Intended Bug Exploitation" however, I did not exploit the bug. A bunch of guildmates of mine were also suspended because they did partake in exploiting the bug. Apparently there was a bug with the Coren Direbrew boss that you could do 25 dailys and then repeatedly summon him, giving infinite chances at a mount drop or other items. I did 25 dailys on my character, but did not go to Blackrock Depths to summon the boss. Please check your logs and see that my character did not enter that instance that day and that I did not partake in the summoning bug or any other "bugs, hacks, or cheats"

Thank you for your follow-up email regarding the account. This account was actioned after a Blizzard Entertainment investigation produced evidence indicating the account participated in abusing a known issue with the Coren Direbrew encounter, which allowed players to repeatedly kill the seasonal boss in a single instance. Upon further review, we have determined that our original findings were accurate and the action was in line with our current policies.

At this point I'm like FUCK it. These fuckers want to accuse me of shit I didn't do but I have no way of proving my innocence so what the fuck ever. I did my time, 72 hours with no WOW /wrists. A few days AFTER my suspension I recieved this e-mail from them:

We are contacting you in regards to a recent account action. After a thorough review of the matter, the account action has been removed from the account and any items removed have been restored.

Additionally, we have credited the account with 7 days of free game time. This time credit should appear under the Billing section on your Account Management page within the next 72 hours.

......... /grumble mumble *takes the 7 day credit and pouts*

Anyway guys, sorry for the wall of text. Hopefully next week's report will be much cheerier!

Enjoy the holidays!
<3 Tella

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Wrapping Up: Week Fourteen

Merry Christmas Eve!

Ahck, I'm super late on posting Week Fourteen's results! I've been really busy running all over the place getting ready for Christmas.. Hardly had any time to play WOW, much less write about playing WOW ;D

I'm very happy to say that even though I played the AH for only about an hour a day this past week, I still had amazing results.

I pulled my numbers on Monday night like I usually do, so this is still the amout of gold I've made in one week. Even though I didn't have a chance to post them, I still wrote em down :)

Week: 60,345g

Total: 409,969g

Giddy-up 4-0-9!

Frostweave Bags
Zomg, frostweave cloth and infinite dust all over the place! I've taken VERY much advantage of everybody running heroics and made a crap-ton of Frostweave Bags.

60 Frostweave Cloth: 15g
12 Infinite Dust: 12g
2 Eternium Thread: 4.80g
= 31.80g

Been selling them from 50g to 90g a piece. ;D

Leg Armor
Last week I mentioned briefly that I was selling leg armor, and someone asked me what I meant exactly..
I'm selling the three Leatherworking Leg Patches along with the two spellthreads from Tailoring.

LWing: Earthen Leg Armor, Icescale Leg Armor, Frosthide Leg Armor
Tailoring: Brilliant Spellthread, Sapphire Spellthread

Next Week's results are already looking grim, lol. I have lots of friends in WOW and I love to give my friends pretty things ;)

Have a very Merry Christmas, I hope you have a wonderful time with your loved ones.

<3 Tella

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Wrapping Up: Week Thirteen

Don't you just love new patches? I sure do!
All of the investments, stocking, storing and saving I did for the patch really paid off :) Although certain things didn't go exactly as planned, I applied plan B to them and those worked out!

Week: 78,014

Total: 349,624

Jeez, talk about blowing my old record out of the fucking water, ey?

Borean Leather
For the first few days, the prices leather on my server hardly changed. Arctic Fur stayed high, normal and heavy borean stayed low. I converted all of my leather into heavy and then into Arctic Fur which I put into Leg Patches. The leg patches sold like CRAZY and I'm already all out of fur. T_T. Arctic Fur is still high, however now normal and heavy leather has gone up.

Saronite Ore is still low, didn't see much of a price spike at all. So I 'shuffled' all that I had and turned the mats into enchanting scrolls that I made a KILLING off of.

New glyphs sold great, and are still selling great. I managed to sell a handful of the new recipes on the AH for 300g ea.

Calico Cats and Albino Snakes.. zomg.. The beauty of vendor items! ;D I'll let the Screenshots speak for themselves..



I'm loving the new LFG system, already have my perky pug! ^_^ Instant Ques as a healer can't be beat :)
It seems like theres only FIVE dungeons in WOW, I've gotten Oculus, Halls of Stone, Halls of Lightning, COS and Gun'Drak over and over and over again lol. I've started healing in just a tabard to give myself more of a challenge, but omg the PUGs get so pissed when they see my nekkid draenei ;D. I've started making a deal with them.. If one person dies, I put my gear back on. That hasn't happened yet!

I'm very happy with the responses I got from my first video :)
The big surprise I've been planning is a video series on how I AH. I'm going to cover all the addons I use from Buying, to Crafting, to Mailing and Storage, to Posting. However, I'm going on a three week vacation so the recording portion of the video series is going to have to wait till I get back. I'm going to continue to play WOW and the AH Game, but I won't have as much time. There will still be a weekly numbers post but things around here are going to slow down a bit until I get back.

Hope you all had a GREAT week and continue to do so!

As always, good luck out there!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Super Speedy Mail!

 Hey guys, I just made a short video tutorial for ya'll :) Hope you enjoy!


Hey there, This is Tella from Hit The Cap!
This is a short tutorial on how to have "Super Speedy Mail".
First of all, you need to download and install the addon Called 'Postal' it can be found on Curse.com or Wowinterface.com
Once you have it installed, Go to My Computer > C Drive > Program Files > WOW > Interface > Addons > Postal > .lua file
Open it in a Notepad. Go to OpenSpeed you will see its currently set to 0.50. If you run with low latency, like I do, go ahead and set it to 0.10. If you have high latency, try a bit higher, like 0.30 or until you stop getting errors. Now save the file and go ahead and close it.

Restart your WOW and make sure you have Postal enabled.
The next step is to make a quick Redload UI macro. Just go into your macro window, name and icon it with w/e you want and in the command line type ' /reload ' and now put it on your bars.

Go to your mailbox, Hit Postal's Open all button. As you can see, i'm receiving mail super fast and it's freaking awesome! Wait for it to be done, then hit your new macro, wait a few seconds for it to load up, mine isn't usually this slow, just laggin a bit due to fraps.. Now your mailbox is refreshed and ready to hit open all again!   

The mailbox is one of the most annoying and time consuming parts of Auction Housing, hopefully this trick will reduce the time you spend getting mail significantly! And if you're Alliance, you can combine this trick with the Stormwind AH trick found on my blog!

Edit - I received this Postal tip in an e-mail, however I believe I found the original source:
Where else but JMTC? lol

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Wrapping Up: Week Twelve

 I had the most amazing week..
I managed to accomplish something important in every aspect of WOW that matters to me.
In raiding, my guild went back to Ulduar and we got our Ironbound Proto Drakes.
My 10 man group got A Tribute to Insanity and I came out with gourgeous pony and an amazing cape.
In PVP, I got to 1769 with a new 2s partner.
In Achievement Whoring, the Iron-bound pushed me to the 100 Mount mark, landing me
Mountain o' Mounts and a pretty Dragonhawk. 

Most importantly, atleast to this blog ;D, I set a new record of gold made in a week!

Week: 43,079g

Total: 271,610g

(Numbers do NOT reflect patch day sales.)

If WOW ended right now, I could leave thoroughly happy and satisfied, and that's a great feeling  :)

<3 Tella

Monday, December 7, 2009

Busy Bee!

Hey look, it's ANOTHER post about 3.3! Lol, I should have posted this yesterday before the swarm, way to go laziness! ;D

Anyway, I've been super busy today getting everything set and ready to go for tomorrow. If patch doesn't hit, well then I get another week to stock!

Milled and inked a bank tab and a halfs worth of IoTS, other half is full of Snowfall.
My scribe is camped out right next to Larana Drone, the Inscription Supplies Vendor. I heard she sells the new glyph techniques in limited supply. If that's true, I'm planning to buy as many as I can get my hands on and listing them on the AH for a huge markup.

I converted ALL of my badges and all of my honor into Epic Gems.
I have a huge supply of cut gems ready to go up and a nice backstock of uncuts for when I run out.

Ms. Haris Pilton is releasing a new 24-slot bag, I'm planning on buying a couple for myself and playing around with how much I can sell them on the AH for ;)

Borean Leather and Saronite Ore
Have a tab full of leather and two tabs of ore.
Going to post slowly right after the huge "zomg must buy all phase" for a pretty big markup of what I originally bought it for.

If the sales on those are not what I expected, I will not be at a loss. I bought everything for under my usual threshold and I will just convert them into my normal product. (Shuffle, D/E and Belt Buckles)

Stacks of Frost Wyrm, Rage and Stoneblood! I'm expecting a major surge in them since everyone is itchin' to jump into the new instances.

Other things I'm stocked up on and ready to sell
- Belt Buckles
- Food
- Fish Feasts

I'm excited and ready to go! Are you? :D

Goodluck out there!


I decided to 'spruce up the blog's template last night.. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out!
I was debating on whether to make the switch to dark-on-light, but I like my blue and black theme so I decided to keep it. Sorry to all you light-on-dark haters!

Did you know that when you switch to a non-standard blogger template it makes you re-do all your little widget thingies? >.< I have to re-do my huge blog-roll /le sigh. Meh, I guess it was due for an update anyway. I know there's quite a few new blogs on the scene, if you know of one that I've missed or if you're an author and would like some link love let me know! I like to use my blog roll as a ghetto RSS reader, kek.

Anyway, tell me what you think about the new look!

Hope you guys had a great weekend <3

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Q&A: Saronite Shuffle

Q: My question - well, request - would be for just a basic and simple explanation of the Saronite Shuffle. I think I know what it is, but nowhere have I ever found a simple, step-by-step 'This is what you do' guide.

A: Simple step-by-step guide INC! ;D

1. Prospect Saronite Ore

2. Cut and sell the Blue-quality Gems on the AH
Popular cuts that I use are:
Autumn's Glow: Brilliant, Mystic, Quick, Rigid, Smooth, Thick
Scarlet Ruby: Bold, Bright, Delicate, Fractured, Runed
Twilight Opal: Glowing, Mysterious, Purified, Shifting, Sovereign
Monarch Topaz: Accurate, Durable, Etched, Glinting, Inscribed,
Luminous, Potent, Pristine, Reckless, Resolute, Veiled, Wicked
Sky Sapphire: Solid
Forest Emeralds get cut and vendored

3. Combine Chalcedony, Bloodstone, Sun Crystal, and Huge Citrine with x2 Crystallized Earth to create Crystal Chalcedony Amulet, Bloodstone Band, Sun Rock Ring and Crystal Citrine Necklace.
Bloodstone and Chalcedony can also be used in making Skyflare Diamonds.
Huge Citrines are also used in Jade Dagger Pendants and Earthsiege Diamonds

4. Dark Jade can be made into Jade Dagger Pendants and Earthsiege Diamonds.
Usually I just cut the Dark Jade and Shadow Crystals and sell the normal and perfect cuts to a vendor.

4 1/2: Green-quality gems are also used in the JCing Dailys and Icy Prisims. Keep some for your own use and check the AH prices before you D/E them! I'm able to sometimes sell Chalcedony, Dark Jade and Shadow Crystals for 7g+ on the AH :)

5. Disenchant all the rings and necklaces

6. Put enchanting mats on AH or make into scrolls.

"On many servers, the returns from selling the enchanting mats pay for the ore allowing the blue quality gem cuts to be pure gravy." - Wingman

The ever-lovable WOW millionaire, Zamboni, made an -awesome- graph on the JMTC forums all about the Saronite Shuffle :)
Go check it out at: http://20kleveling.com/JMTCforum/viewtopic.php?f=22&t=1047

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Q&A: Cancel All Macro

I got a lot of kind words and praise for my last post, Wrapping Up: Week Eleven. Along with all the praise (thanks a ton for that btw :) ) There were a few really good questions asking me to elaborate more into what I was doing and explain exactly what I meant. There's a really easy mistake to make when writing, and that's using "terminology" that all your readers may not be familiar with. I personally know what I mean by the 'Saronite Shuffle' or what a 'Cancel all macro' is used for, however, some of you may not. So from now on I'm really going to try and explain what I mean and not just throw terms out there :)

While working towards my goal of "Hitting The Cap.. Again!" I really want to give back and help YOU guys reach your goals. This blog is no longer going to JUST be about my journey. So any questions you may have, please don't hesitate to ask. I'm going to try and get back to all of you, and feature some of the better questions and answers here on my blog. I'm also working on a really big project that I feel will help you guys out a ton. Lol, I keep saying that I have something up my sleeve but not revealing what it is. Sorry for the tease lol! I just want to make sure that my idea is going to pan out the way I want it to before I release any info. I feel that teasing you is better than saying what I'm going to do and having it not work out. This way if it doesn't work out you'll never know. ROFL.

Alright, I think that's enough bullshit. Lets get down to the question.

Q: What is the cancel all macro and what is it used for?

A: Cancel all macro is just a macro that cancels all of your glyphs on the AH.
I use it around every-other day to keep my prices "current".

Copy and paste the code into a new macro. Make sure it's all on one line (no double enter) and nothing got cut off.
/run local i=1;local n=1;while n ~= nil do n=GetAuctionItemInfo("owner",i);if n~=nil and strfind(n,"^Glyph of") then CancelAuction(i) end i=i+1 end

Sometimes what happens is lets say Player A Posts a glyph for 5g. Player B undercuts him by 1c and sets the price at 4g99s99c. Player C comes in and posts the same glyph for 25g.

Player B: 4g99s99c
Player A: 5g
Player C: 25g

If player A's auctions expires or he cancels it then Player B is missing an opportunity to raise his glyph price. Since he has not been undercut, and he is not the only person posting, his addon will not alert him to it.

Player B: 4g99s99c
Player C: 25g

So with the cancel all macro, it cancels all the glyphs you currently have up, enabling Player B to raise his glyph price and now undercut Player C by 1c making his glyph 24g99s99c

Player B: 24g99s99c
Player C: 25g

It takes a while to cancel all those glyphs and you won't really be able to do anything else on WOW while its working. What I usually do is hit my macro, leave the AH window up and go AFK for a little while. If you accidently close the AH window, it will still continue cancelling however you won't be able to re-open the AH or mail or anything else until its finished.
AS FAR AS I KNOW, there isn't an addon that does this for you yet. So in the meantime, the macro is a quick fix :)

This macro can also work with anything you want to mass cancel, You just need to set it up with what you want it to do. Right now it looks for "^Glyph of"
To change it to lets say, Enchanting scrolls you'd replace the "^Glyph.of" with "^Scroll.of.Enchant" Make sure to start with a ^ and replace the spaces with periods.

I'll be answering more of your questions during the week! If you have a question, please use the "Contact" link on the right and toss me an e-mail :)

Good-luck out there!

EDIT: There's almost always an EASIER way to do something that you've been doing for awhile. Thanks to Jeff, I found out there's a better way to cancel auctions. I'm going to leave the info I wrote as is, incase you don't use QA2 (though if you don't, you should look into starting) and just add his comment here:

"Great post! I have used the cancel all macro and its very useful. I actually use QA2 to cancel my auctions now because it uses its functionality to cancel (like it does post) and it doesn't fall behind get lagged out like the macro can. The macro basically forces the client to cancel everything at once which causes the lag out issues. With QA2 you can do /qa cancelall itemgroupname and it will cancel all auctions in that item group. If your glyph item group is named glyphs then you can type /qa cancelall glyphs and it will cancel them all.
Zerotorescue from JMTC made an edit to the LUA of QA2 and it will cancel auctions that have a listing that's higher then 2g. So if there are 3 people posting a glyph at 25g, 6g and 5g (you), if the 6g glyph falls off and you hit cancel, QA2 will see that the next highest poster is higher then 2g (at 25g) and cancel that glyph."

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Wrapping Up: Week Eleven

Week: 23,073g

Total: 228,531g

I'm finally up to a 20 stack of every glyph, really enjoying not having to craft as often. I'm posting 4 of every glyph up for 48 hours and using a cancel all macro every other day to keep my prices "current". I'm only checking for undercuts three times a day now so I've really cut down how much time I spend on Glyphs as a whole.

I saw Wayvie log one once the other day however he didn't crash my prices and TGM is nowhere to be found. Life is pretty good right now ^_^. There are still a few people posting but not as much anymore, I've pretty much ran everybody out.

Snowfall was moving like crazy this week, sold around 3 stacks for about 500g a stack :X
Armor/Weapon Vellums, Offhands and Wolf Books are doing great!

My little blue-quality gem market is chugging along, making around 1k a day. Posting in 12h intervals, 2 gem cuts at a time, and not checking for undercuts. I'm also only posting "popular" cuts, not even bothering with some of the rarer ones.

Autumn's Glow: Brilliant, Mystic, Quick, Rigid, Smooth, Thick
Scarlet Ruby: Bold, Bright, Delicate, Fractured, Runed
Twilight Opal: Glowing, Mysterious, Purified, Shifting, Sovereign
Monarch Topaz: Accurate, Durable, Etched, Glinting, Inscribed, Luminous, Potent, Pristine, Reckless, Resolute, Veiled, Wicked
Sky Sapphire: Solid
Forest Emeralds get cut and vendored.

I'm thinking about posting them more frequently and maybe getting into Epic gems, However there are a couple of issues there that I'll address in another post.

Scrolls are really flying off the shelves, I'm still able to make great money through the 'Saronite Shuffle' even though Infinite Dust is dirt cheap. By selling scrolls, I'm able to mark up the prices of dust to about four times of what it's worth ;) Not to mention the Abyss, Dream Shards and Cosmics!

Boots: Greater Fort, Icewalker, Superior Agility, Greater Assault, Tuskarr's Vitality
Bracers: Greater Assault, Major Stamina, Superiror Spellpower
Chest: Exceptional Resilience, Powerful Stats, Super Stats
Cloak: Major Agi, Superior Agi, Greater Speed
Gloves: Crusher, Exceptional Spellpower, Greater Assault, Major Agility
Weapon: Berserking and Exceptional Spellpower

Linens N' Things
Netherweave Bags are selling good as always. I've also started with Frostweave Bags, and they sell suprisingly well! It's a great way to get rid of that extra Infinite Dust, and with how dirt cheap it is now, theres a lot of profit to be made.

Prices on my server..
60 Frostweave Cloth: 18g
12 Infinite Dust: 24g
2 Eternium Thread: 4.8g
= 46.8g a bag

I've been selling them from 65 to even 80g!

A couple of weeks ago I made a whole bunch of shirts and tuxedos and stuck em up on the AH for 15g a shirt and 40g for a Tux Shirt/Jacket/Pants. Well, they moved slowly, but they did move. I had to recraft another batch of them last night because I was almost sold-out :) Tuxedos sell really well to bank alts and the Wrath Lumberjack shirts sell great. Pink, Lavendar and Orange Mageweave shirts do well and the 'Orange Martial Shirt' sells super fast.

Well, thats my market update for the week, sorry for the wall of text!

As always, Goodluck out there!