Monday, December 7, 2009

Busy Bee!

Hey look, it's ANOTHER post about 3.3! Lol, I should have posted this yesterday before the swarm, way to go laziness! ;D

Anyway, I've been super busy today getting everything set and ready to go for tomorrow. If patch doesn't hit, well then I get another week to stock!

Milled and inked a bank tab and a halfs worth of IoTS, other half is full of Snowfall.
My scribe is camped out right next to Larana Drone, the Inscription Supplies Vendor. I heard she sells the new glyph techniques in limited supply. If that's true, I'm planning to buy as many as I can get my hands on and listing them on the AH for a huge markup.

I converted ALL of my badges and all of my honor into Epic Gems.
I have a huge supply of cut gems ready to go up and a nice backstock of uncuts for when I run out.

Ms. Haris Pilton is releasing a new 24-slot bag, I'm planning on buying a couple for myself and playing around with how much I can sell them on the AH for ;)

Borean Leather and Saronite Ore
Have a tab full of leather and two tabs of ore.
Going to post slowly right after the huge "zomg must buy all phase" for a pretty big markup of what I originally bought it for.

If the sales on those are not what I expected, I will not be at a loss. I bought everything for under my usual threshold and I will just convert them into my normal product. (Shuffle, D/E and Belt Buckles)

Stacks of Frost Wyrm, Rage and Stoneblood! I'm expecting a major surge in them since everyone is itchin' to jump into the new instances.

Other things I'm stocked up on and ready to sell
- Belt Buckles
- Food
- Fish Feasts

I'm excited and ready to go! Are you? :D

Goodluck out there!


  1. Very taking tomorrow off from school/work or what?

  2. Haha, you sound as if you're about to make 100k profit in the week following the patch :P. Good luck to you.

  3. Wow you are so prepared! How did you know where to buy the new glyphs? I didn't read anything about it in the patch notes.