Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Wrapping Up: Week Thirteen

Don't you just love new patches? I sure do!
All of the investments, stocking, storing and saving I did for the patch really paid off :) Although certain things didn't go exactly as planned, I applied plan B to them and those worked out!

Week: 78,014

Total: 349,624

Jeez, talk about blowing my old record out of the fucking water, ey?

Borean Leather
For the first few days, the prices leather on my server hardly changed. Arctic Fur stayed high, normal and heavy borean stayed low. I converted all of my leather into heavy and then into Arctic Fur which I put into Leg Patches. The leg patches sold like CRAZY and I'm already all out of fur. T_T. Arctic Fur is still high, however now normal and heavy leather has gone up.

Saronite Ore is still low, didn't see much of a price spike at all. So I 'shuffled' all that I had and turned the mats into enchanting scrolls that I made a KILLING off of.

New glyphs sold great, and are still selling great. I managed to sell a handful of the new recipes on the AH for 300g ea.

Calico Cats and Albino Snakes.. zomg.. The beauty of vendor items! ;D I'll let the Screenshots speak for themselves..



I'm loving the new LFG system, already have my perky pug! ^_^ Instant Ques as a healer can't be beat :)
It seems like theres only FIVE dungeons in WOW, I've gotten Oculus, Halls of Stone, Halls of Lightning, COS and Gun'Drak over and over and over again lol. I've started healing in just a tabard to give myself more of a challenge, but omg the PUGs get so pissed when they see my nekkid draenei ;D. I've started making a deal with them.. If one person dies, I put my gear back on. That hasn't happened yet!

I'm very happy with the responses I got from my first video :)
The big surprise I've been planning is a video series on how I AH. I'm going to cover all the addons I use from Buying, to Crafting, to Mailing and Storage, to Posting. However, I'm going on a three week vacation so the recording portion of the video series is going to have to wait till I get back. I'm going to continue to play WOW and the AH Game, but I won't have as much time. There will still be a weekly numbers post but things around here are going to slow down a bit until I get back.

Hope you all had a GREAT week and continue to do so!

As always, good luck out there!


  1. wow tella . very impressed 75000g in a week ! i dont think ill be able to do that every hehe. im really looking forward to your video series too. have fun making it !

  2. WOW! that's crazy, I look forward to your video series, I have tried to work the AH some, but have never had any success like you, gevlon, or markco. I am hoping this will help a lot.

  3. Grats on your success. After reading your description of how you're making gold though I've come to the conclusion that your server is economically retarted. No price change in Saronite Ore or Leather? Both of those went through the roof on my server *before* the patch.

    While I still enjoy reading your blog unfortunately none of the advice is applicable to a economically more saavy server.

    But still, grats on your big week.

  4. Rofl.

    None of my advice is applicable. That's awesome. Thanks so much for sharing, now I don't have to write a fucking blog post anymore! ^_^

  5. Meh, you might want to invest a little time in reading for content. I didn't say none of your advice was applicable. I said it's not applicable to an economically sophisticated server.

    If you're on a simple server use simple methods. But the things that you're doing have long since ceased to be profitable on other servers.

  6. I'm on a high population server that's been around since release and a lot of what she does is applicable on mine. I guess it just depends on where you play and how many goblins are on it. I guarantee that there are dumb players on every server willing to spend hundreds of gold on vendor items. Saronite Ore is still available at 13g/stack on my server, it just depends on the time of day just like any item.

    Anyway, grats on the great week! I wish I would of stocked up more, I ran out of scrolls and flasks/lotus the first 2 days. :(

  7. I have an amazingly flippant attitude. Honestly, if my "advice" doesn't work for you, I'm really sorry. You have to take this blog as MY journey with shit I'M doing. In all of my posts I say this is how it works on MY server and that it may not work on yours. I've actually been moonlighting on a few other servers helping out some of my readers. I go track the servers numbers for a week and help them apply some of my methods. and jesus christ, guess what? it works! I guess I dont have the only server thats full of shit heads and bird brains.

    Go have fun reading other blogs, and I hope something works out for you. Hey, maybe you can apply dirty fucking ammo tricks! That seems to be SUPER popular on other blogs.

    PS, I do believe SW auctioning and the postal trick works on ANY server, no matter how fucking savvy your customers may be.

  8. Saronite and Leather have not moved on my server either. Instead Titanium and Artic Furs have dropped heaps.

    Keep up the great blog, the amount of gold you make is incredible. I especially love the posts of exactly what your doing and selling so that I can compare it to what I'm doing to either know that I'm doing something right or get a fresh new idea.

    Looking forward to some Youtube videos and you have a pleasant easy to listen to voice that is nice and clear - in alot of howto videos I find either the persons accent is too strong or their mic is very fuzzy.


  9. Anonymous troll is anonymous.

    Thanks for a great blog Tella. I've got a heap of good tips from here that I'm having great fun applying.



  10. First off... GRATS.

    Second, I invested heavily into wool cloth for this christmas season (using the alliance auction house to purchase and the horde to sell) and have sold almost 3,000 cloth already. Definately look into this if you haven't to add even more to your insane profits!

  11. I back Tella on that one. She actually took the time to come on to my server have a peek around our Auction House and work with me and my professions to help me make gold. Guess what happened the week following that, it had been my most profitable week since I started playing the auction house. And the best part about it, there was no benefit to her, yet she still thoroughly went through our auction house. Grats Tella for making an awesome blog and breaking your new person best.

    TL;DR Quiet anonymous troll, you have been told. :)

  12. Just got told to visit your website by Markco (/wave@Markco), as I somehow missed this one while browsing through the insane stream of gold-related WoW-sites/blogs and let me first congratulate you on the amazing profit/gold/blog.
    Especially the blog is very detailed and clear, my kudos for that. On the other hand stories like these only make me sad and feel sorry for myself, thinking how happy I was when I finally hit the 100k mark last month (on the 11/11 to be precise) and again how happy I was last week with around 7k of profit on a single day. Then I end up here and see all those ginormous figures :(. Puts me back into perspective, I guess.
    But seriously: Thumbs Up! And keep it up :).

    ps. One small question: Are you on US or an EU server? Has nothing to do with gold or AH, just some personal interest in looking at differences between servers.

  13. I don't think that one realm seeing huge increases in prices before a patch means much other than that realm has lots of speculators.

    What it especially doesn't mean is that there was a demand for those mats.

    Imagine, if you will that there are 100,000 pieces of borean leather out there in circulation. 20,000 of them will be vendored. 20,000 of them will be used for skillups/self-gear. 20,000 of them will be auctioned successfully. The remaining 40,000 will remain in circulation, failing to get auctioned or sitting in a bank. (these are hypothetical numbers only, and may not make sense)

    Now, a patch comes out and people need armor kits, self-enchants, etc. that require leather. So 20,000 more of those 40,000 sell on the AH.

    Notice the problem? There's still 20,000 out there that aren't going to move. Sure, this might result in a small bump in price, but it will probably not exceed the margin of error (which is usually huge in any WoW economy) and those 20,000 will still have to be banked or re-listed, which means there will still be significant downward pressure to trim any long-term price change.

  14. Ok, I totally love this blog. Just read the whole thing. I must ask. How many hours do you play a day (on average)? It seems like you are into everything.


  15. Just found this link at JMTC, read every post there was to be found here and am really blown away...

    My prime time with glyphs was around june/july making a max of 2k per day (not counting patch days)

    MMO-post made the glyph market terrible, alot of competition + I'm too lazy to get very competitive so eventually quit.

    After reading your story I think I've found the desire again to restart and finish what I started a year ago.. reaching the cap :D

  16. Leather and saronite didn't move on my server either, in fact Borean Leather is cheaper then ever. I am making lots of leg enchants, drums and armor kits :) I have noticed that Saronite Bars are finally starting to creep up and have put some on the AH. What doesn't sell gets used for Belt Buckles which have also been a very good seller for me this last week.

    I had similar financial results to you. In my first 6 weeks I had saved 40K in my guild bank, 1 week after the patch this had grown to 130K! Most of that came from flasks and gems which I had been accumulating before the patch was released.

  17. ...have a question:

    - When you say you used the Arctic Fur to make "leg patches", what specific item(s) did you make? There are various LW items that use AF.

  18. Most likely 'all' leg patches. That is the normal armor kits and also the rare/epic leg enchants, like the icescale one.

  19. I am going to try out selling the pets... I am not going for the gold cap but trying to hit 100k or so... I don't have all the professions you have, mostly I try to mess around with cut gem prices. Enjoyable blog to read though!

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