Saturday, November 28, 2009

At Gold Limit

I started this blog on September 14th 2009, with a goal of reaching the World Of Warcraft gold cap of 214,748g 36s 46c.

After 10 and a half weeks, 286 readers and 29,500 page hits, on November 26th 2009 at approx 11pm, I achieved my goal and HIT THE CAP! ^_^ The auction that pushed me over was an Eternal Belt Buckle that sold for 40g.

Mmm, two and a half months.. That means I averaged around 3,000g a day, 21,000g a week and 84,000 a month. If I was a "true" goblin, and not such a floozy with vanity items I would have hit the cap much sooner. Meh, oh well. I get a lot of enjoyment out of them and that's what matters ;)

Looking back, there were some rough patches here and there, some bad investments and some major assholes, but getting past that, all in all, I had a ton of fun. I had some great times with epic PVP battles on the AH, Finding amazing deals, scheming new ways to get more gold out of the M&S, the thrill when the schemes actually worked! Finding new addons that made my life 100 times easier, Turning myself into Public Enemy #1 by dominating multiple markets. And the most fun of all, this blog. Not so much the writing part of it (lol) but you readers were the best part. All the wonderful comments, e-mails and IMs you guys sent me really inspired me :D Thank you SO much, and I am SO glad that I could inspire you in return.

So whats next? I'm in this way to deep.. I couldn't possibly stop now, I wouldn't know what to do with myself! I'm pretty addicted to the AH.. So, I guess my only option is to.. Hit The Cap AGAIN! ;D

I will continue writing the weekly updates and like I said before, I have some ideas that will bring good content and more frequent posting to this blog! I'm working on a "big project", I promise I'll tell you guys what it is soon, but for now, shhhh it's a secret! <3

Goodluck out there!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Week Nine and Ten

The lack of a post for Week Nine was NOT because real-life was tying me down, not that I was to busy to write, and not that I had a lack of material to write about. It was about not being able to admit failure to YOU and not being able to admit it to myself.

The past three weeks have been rough for me. I'm an EXTREMELY competitive person. I strive to be the best in anything I do, in both Real Life and WOW. To me, failure is not an option and admitting defeat is un-acceptable. I reached a point in gold-making where I felt like I had failed. I was posting at a LOSS, and for the first time ever I was in NEGATIVE. In past weeks, even when I had dropped tens of thousands of gold on SHIT I always came out with profit. GOOD profit, fuck, even GREAT profit.

My cash-cow, Inscription, took a massive hit. I was forced into posting below my threshold. What I used to make in ONE day, I couldn't even touch in an entire week. By the third week of posting at a loss, I really felt defeated. I couldn't bring myself to write about it. I just wanted to crawl into a hole and quit. So I skipped a week in the blog, and for that I'm really sorry.

I eventually (took about a day, lol) got sick of feeling sorry for myself. So I licked my wounds, got the fuck out of that fucking hole and attacked the AH with a vengeance. I went after every market I could think of. I made up a new saying for myself "If someone uses it, I can fucking sell it". I continued posting at a loss in Inscription, I couldn't give up, not after fighting for so long for it. I wasn't going to go from beating TGM to losing to this fuck. I just wrote the loss off and strove even harder to make it back. BAM. 30 FUCKING K in two weeks Fuck YES. That is my god damned average of 3k a day and I did it WITHOUT glyphs.

There's really something to be said about persistence and perseverance. Oh, and of-course good ole' fashioned bull-headedness. Know why? A few days ago, my cash-cow had a present for me. A nice tall cold glass of milk. That milk was sweet and delicious, not a hint of sour. That milk was PROFIT. After weeks of crashing the glyph market, the other competitor just couldn't keep posting at a loss anymore. I waited a few days, tentatively raised my prices back up and re-instated my threshold. He wasn't the first, and I'm sure he won't be the last. If and when he decides to come back or another takes his place, I'll be ready. I know what to do now and I won't lost confidence in my abilities.

For now, I'm just enjoying myself. WTB some cookies to go with this milk! ^_^

Two Weeks: 30,690

Total: 205,458

205k. Wow, I broke the 200k mark. Only 9k more to go until I finally 'Hit The Cap'. Don't worry, I won't stop writing. I plan to continue this blog until I get tired of making gold (Which I REALLY don't see happening, lol) :)
I have some ideas up my sleeve that will bring a lot of great content to my posts and increase the frequency in which I post them!

GL out there guys, Remember to never give up! Go day by day, step by step. Rome wasn't built in a day and neither are solid fortunes <3

- Tella

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Wrapping Up: Week Eight

Had a really good solid selling week, and I wasn't naughty this time so I ended up with some awesome numbers! ^_^

Week: 19,698g

Total: 174,768g

Glyphs are chugging along as always, pulling in great numbers every day. Due to a lack of serious cut-throat undercutting wars, I've increased my post cap to 4 at a time. Wait, maybe I should say that again. LACK of glyph wars. Yeah, that's right! I think I've finally broken Theglyphman!! His presence in the glyph market has diminished severely and he's no longer fighting me. I think it's to soon to say he's gone for good, but I know I'm breaking him. We used to PVP on the AH for hours and hours and hours. Just canceling and re-posting alllll day long. Now, hes hardly logging on at all! I've been taunting the shit out of him by leaving my alts logged off most of the time, and then when I see him log on I hop on one of them really quick and smirk when he gives up and logs back off. It's like "Yeah, that's right bitch. I'm online. What're you gunna do? Huh? You can't do SHIT against me anymore" Mannn I wish I could whisper him that, but no, I won't stoop to his level. I'll just /glee in my blog. ^_^

As good as things are with TGM, there's always still my other competition. There's this annoying little shit named Wayie that likes to log on once or twice a week and CRASH the hell out of glyph prices. I've been grabbing the proverbial bull by the horns and making sure he doesn't sell a fucking thing.

He'll give up eventually and I'll raise my prices back up, but for now I'm having to craft like crazy to keep up on stock and make sure hes never the lowest price. I'm selling more glyphs than ever at this new price, they really fly off the shelves. However, I really have noticed a decrease in my income. Dropped from about 3k a day to 2k.
I really don't like the increased work-load of restocking so many more glyphs, but I don't think this will last long. Just gotta wait him out!

As a bit of a side project, I've been dabbling in the Blue-quality gem market. Just cutting the gems I get from the "Saronite Shuffle" and tracking what cuts are popular and restocking them. I'm in no way serious about it, not even caring when I get under-cut. I'm posting in 12h intervals, anything that doesn't get sold just gets put right back up. It's a fun little thing to do and I'm making a cute little amount of gold off it :)

Netherweave Bags, Belt Buckles, Flasks, Enchanting Mats and Inscription by-prodcuts are all doing well. The price of Infinite Dust went down a bit, but with Greater Cosmics staying steady and even increasing in price, it's still really profitable to DE-Fodder rings, leather and cobalt.

In non-gold making news, I found a new addiction in searching for Rare spawns! I finished my Bloody Rare achievement and am about half-way through the Frostbitten achievement :D It's a lot of fun flying around the world and squealing when my Npcscanner goes off!

Hope you all had a great week!

As always, good luck out there ;)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Wrapping Up: Week Seven

I've been a badddd girl, in more ways than one! Obviously I've been bad since it's Thursday and I'm JUST now doing last week's totals. It's also been a week since I last posted.. Naughty naughty Tella!

Week's Profit: 14,656g

Total: 155,070g

The other reason I was bad is those numbers should be a lot higher. I had an -awesome- selling week, but I also dropped a shit ton of gold on some vanity items. Mainly, a Hyacinth Macaw I was watching on the AH for awhile.. He was at 30k then 25k then 20k.. Then I saw him being advertised in trade chat for 10k and I couldn't resist any longer so I snatched him up ^_^ For those of you that don't know, hes one of the rarest vanity pets in the game.. He has an absurdly low drop rate.

I also bought a Twilight Drake from my guild for 4kg. I've been wanting that mount since my guild first got Sarth 3D back in February. Most of the people that won the mount back then with lucky rolls either quit the game, or weren't really deserving IMO. We eventually stopped doing 3D and moved onto bigger and better raid instances. So when my GM decided to go back to make some guild funds by selling the mount, I finally got one of my own ^_^ I'm sad that I have a 310 mount now and this guy won't get used much, but he sure is gorgeous when I do use him!

That ends my bad streak, I promise I'll try to post more. I have some ideas for posts, it's just hard to get started. Once I start writing, the rest just flows, but getting that kick start is rough.

Have I ever mentioned that I have the best GM and friend (Dash) in the world? We farmed the shit out of Headless Horseman with around 11 summons a day. We got ONE mount and they gave it to me /blush. That brings my mount total to 98. Only two more to go for the Mountain o' Mounts achievement!