Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Wrapping Up: Week Eight

Had a really good solid selling week, and I wasn't naughty this time so I ended up with some awesome numbers! ^_^

Week: 19,698g

Total: 174,768g

Glyphs are chugging along as always, pulling in great numbers every day. Due to a lack of serious cut-throat undercutting wars, I've increased my post cap to 4 at a time. Wait, maybe I should say that again. LACK of glyph wars. Yeah, that's right! I think I've finally broken Theglyphman!! His presence in the glyph market has diminished severely and he's no longer fighting me. I think it's to soon to say he's gone for good, but I know I'm breaking him. We used to PVP on the AH for hours and hours and hours. Just canceling and re-posting alllll day long. Now, hes hardly logging on at all! I've been taunting the shit out of him by leaving my alts logged off most of the time, and then when I see him log on I hop on one of them really quick and smirk when he gives up and logs back off. It's like "Yeah, that's right bitch. I'm online. What're you gunna do? Huh? You can't do SHIT against me anymore" Mannn I wish I could whisper him that, but no, I won't stoop to his level. I'll just /glee in my blog. ^_^

As good as things are with TGM, there's always still my other competition. There's this annoying little shit named Wayie that likes to log on once or twice a week and CRASH the hell out of glyph prices. I've been grabbing the proverbial bull by the horns and making sure he doesn't sell a fucking thing.

He'll give up eventually and I'll raise my prices back up, but for now I'm having to craft like crazy to keep up on stock and make sure hes never the lowest price. I'm selling more glyphs than ever at this new price, they really fly off the shelves. However, I really have noticed a decrease in my income. Dropped from about 3k a day to 2k.
I really don't like the increased work-load of restocking so many more glyphs, but I don't think this will last long. Just gotta wait him out!

As a bit of a side project, I've been dabbling in the Blue-quality gem market. Just cutting the gems I get from the "Saronite Shuffle" and tracking what cuts are popular and restocking them. I'm in no way serious about it, not even caring when I get under-cut. I'm posting in 12h intervals, anything that doesn't get sold just gets put right back up. It's a fun little thing to do and I'm making a cute little amount of gold off it :)

Netherweave Bags, Belt Buckles, Flasks, Enchanting Mats and Inscription by-prodcuts are all doing well. The price of Infinite Dust went down a bit, but with Greater Cosmics staying steady and even increasing in price, it's still really profitable to DE-Fodder rings, leather and cobalt.

In non-gold making news, I found a new addiction in searching for Rare spawns! I finished my Bloody Rare achievement and am about half-way through the Frostbitten achievement :D It's a lot of fun flying around the world and squealing when my Npcscanner goes off!

Hope you all had a great week!

As always, good luck out there ;)


  1. The interesting thing about this Wayvie fellow, is it sounds like he is following Gevlon's tactics to a T, but just not posting often enough.

    If he were to consistently post 48hr auctions and update them every 2 days so that you could never bump the prices up, would you continue to try and undercut him and constantly craft glyphs?

    By making sure he never sells any glyphs, you're making his job easier, since he never has to craft more. He can just wait you out with near 0 effort. Just reposting all of his returned glyphs. If he already has a source of income, then you could be in for a long fight.

  2. Rkik,

    Yes, I would keep posting the way I am. Right now I'm working on keeping a bigger stock of glyphs so I don't have to craft as often, I just need to get enough herbs to bump my stacks of glyphs up to 20 from 6. It's hard when theres a dry herb market. Once I can increase that number it'll start getting really easy for me and I can go back to my normal crafting schedule. Honestly, at this point, anything is easier than fighting TGM all day.

    If Wayvie wants to play, Wayvie can play. I'm not budging.

  3. Could you post a guide on how to properly use mods like Altoholic and Skillet to easily keep up with inventory? I for the life of me can't get my inventory to share on my alts and its making it a main to try and restock glyphs. I basically use all the mods you are using.

  4. Hey Jeff,

    Sure! I'd be happy to :) Before I write a guide though, I'd like some more info on what exactly you're trying to do. Are you trying to get the info between two seperate accounts? Toss me an email at hitthecap@gmail.com and i'll give you my vent info so I can talk you through it :)

  5. Been reading your blog and it's really giving me some enthusiasm to finally start trying to work the marktet. At the very least, I'm making a Death Knight to train herb and inscription. I was never really good at this kind of stuff and my server is really competitive... but I'm so sick of being poor (no epic mount, when I hear the word "wipe" I think "run out"). Haha.

    This is the blog that put me over the top though, I think. Still have to get some alts up because the enchanting market isn't an easy one on my server to control (lots of auctioneers; that's my first profession) but I want to see if there's any way to control the mining market. I probably don't have enough to buy out titanium (for titansteel) and force prices for titanium bars/ore up... if I can find the money... do you think this would just be a waste of time (for any kind of ore)? I just figured it was the most-needed kind of ore so it was worth a try.

  6. I'm just curious as to how you'd deal with old and overworked servers. Seems like everyone on my server is working the AH to the point that the only major way to earn money other than to buy cheap and hold and occasional resale... I am thinking about earning some money and transfering but I have a lot of friends here and a newer server may not have as many possibilities and/or as good raiding. I don't want to move just for money. And what about when it's markets become as saturated (if possible)?

    Let me give you an example. A lot of glyphs on our server are 1.5g, cheaper than the herbs on the market!!

  7. The really really cheap glyphs are usually leveling glyphs that people have in excess. They are looking to get rid of them and don't care if they are breaking even or even selling at a loss. The glyphs that usually sell well are from research and glyph mastery books.

  8. heya . just wanted to say that your blog inspired me to make my own detailing my gold making quest
    hope i can be as successful as you :P


  9. Thanks Jeff, I appreciate it. I'll look into it since I really want to start getting into the auction house. I'm practically broke and every time I say that it's because of all the competition on the auction house, even with things like orbs of deception, yet people constantly tell me I'm not competitive enough so if I can get back the money to start this (was over-generous to a starting guild that failed), perhaps I can see if there's a profession I can earn money on. Thanks.

    /sigh though... I just realized that it would take a while to discover all these glyphs and things like the saronite shuffle are impossible because of the impending patch with abyss shatter. Lol, but yeah, thanks. ;)

  10. You wouldn't happen to be updating any time soon, would you? This is a really great blog, I'm even leveling an inscriptionist as we speak, so please come back and post more!! =( I know it can get to be a pain and get withdrawl, but [I'm pretty sure] we [all] miss you. ;)

    Enjoy whatever you're up to but please update at least once in a while.

  11. Hey Confused,

    Thanks so much for your kind words and the push to get writing again! :D YES, there will be a blog post tommorrow with Week 9 & 10. I also have a couple of ideas up my sleeve that should be getting more content on this blog and much more frequent posts! I still have a lot to say, and a LOT on my mind. It's just hard to get started sometimes.


  12. im sorry... but that guy is under cutting the crap out of you, and spacing out his auctions? only logical solution is to buy him out and resell em.

  13. Anon -

    Hes posting 15 of every glyph. Is it still logical to buy him out?