Saturday, November 28, 2009

At Gold Limit

I started this blog on September 14th 2009, with a goal of reaching the World Of Warcraft gold cap of 214,748g 36s 46c.

After 10 and a half weeks, 286 readers and 29,500 page hits, on November 26th 2009 at approx 11pm, I achieved my goal and HIT THE CAP! ^_^ The auction that pushed me over was an Eternal Belt Buckle that sold for 40g.

Mmm, two and a half months.. That means I averaged around 3,000g a day, 21,000g a week and 84,000 a month. If I was a "true" goblin, and not such a floozy with vanity items I would have hit the cap much sooner. Meh, oh well. I get a lot of enjoyment out of them and that's what matters ;)

Looking back, there were some rough patches here and there, some bad investments and some major assholes, but getting past that, all in all, I had a ton of fun. I had some great times with epic PVP battles on the AH, Finding amazing deals, scheming new ways to get more gold out of the M&S, the thrill when the schemes actually worked! Finding new addons that made my life 100 times easier, Turning myself into Public Enemy #1 by dominating multiple markets. And the most fun of all, this blog. Not so much the writing part of it (lol) but you readers were the best part. All the wonderful comments, e-mails and IMs you guys sent me really inspired me :D Thank you SO much, and I am SO glad that I could inspire you in return.

So whats next? I'm in this way to deep.. I couldn't possibly stop now, I wouldn't know what to do with myself! I'm pretty addicted to the AH.. So, I guess my only option is to.. Hit The Cap AGAIN! ;D

I will continue writing the weekly updates and like I said before, I have some ideas that will bring good content and more frequent posting to this blog! I'm working on a "big project", I promise I'll tell you guys what it is soon, but for now, shhhh it's a secret! <3

Goodluck out there!


  1. Big grats. My record was 115k but I'm down to 72k now. Your blog is inspiring tho.. Hmm *runs off to AH*

  2. Congratulations!


  3. :O Dave as in "Confused" Dave?

  4. Wow grtz with this high amount of money <3
    Any idea what you are going to do with it? Buy a house? ^^

    hehe ahh well, I only made 6K in 3 - 4 weeks with selling glyphs Q_Q

  5. No, Dave as in Wingman from JMTC :p

    (also hi)

  6. Congrats, Tella!

    I'm still waiting on those big secrets you'll be telling us all :)

  7. congratulations :)

    very big achievment, glad you reached your goal.

  8. Grats! I knew you would get there soon! I'm also going for the gold cap as well, tempted to make a blog with progress updates like this. :)

  9. Grats miss :)
    You have inspired me too!

    what addons did u end up using?

    I feel i rly need to update from the ones you mentioned on your starting post..!

  10. Congratulations :D

  11. Great job maam! I'm now inspired into kicking myself back into shape.

  12. Gratz Tella!

    I have been reading your blog for aroudn 3 weeks now. I started again on AH like 2 weeks ago and already made 15K gold :D

    Thanks for the inspiration to start again!

  13. Welcome to the group ;-)
    serious though, Gratz.

  14. Clearly, your only option is to get to 7 figures now :)

  15. Gratz on the cap :) Ive been following you through this and nice to see you hit the cap. I have a few questions about the addons. How do you tell if you are undercut? I have started doing inscription myself and I struggle on this part.

    Thanks in advance!

  16. So after the usual congratulations, I have to ask a couple of questions:

    1) What occupation do you hold that you are able to "AH PVP" for hours on end? And if you are a stay-at-home mom/wife, how do you have time to do this while giving your child full attention that they need? If you don't have any children, your significant other must not be happy that you do nothing but play games all day, if that is indeed the case.

    2) Do you raid on your main character or do you simply play the game to get gold? With all the time involved from PVP'ing the AH I can't possibly imagine that you would have time to raid current content at any respectable pace.

    Thanks for your answer, and again congrats on hitting the cap.

  17. lol..

    1. I am currently un-employed due to the current state of our economy. I've apped to a thousand job locations -- nobodys hiring. I thankfully do not have any children. My boyfriend has no issues with how much I play WOW, as he plays aswell. However, I do not spend the entire day as you put "playing games"

    2. I raid on my main character, a holy priest, about 16 hours a week. 4 days a week, 4 hours a day. Were working on Anub in Heroic 25m TOC. I also do 10m hard modes. My character has mostly 258 gear. You can see a lot of her gear in the SSs i've posted, along with her Val'anyr. I also am an achievement junkie with over 9,250 points. So, no, I do not only AH.

    What enables me to "AH pvp" as much as I do is I have two accounts. One has my main, and the other has a couple of alts and my glpyh posters.
    AHing to me is a fun mini-game within the greater scheme of WOW. and right now, WOW is cheap form of entertainment until I find employment.

  18. Ah thank you for the reply! I was actually thinking of moving my AH Alt to another account for the purposes of being able to post things while I raid as well. My raiding schedule is strikingly similar to yours.

    And by the way, I re-read my post and it seemed a bit harsh. I did not mean to cause offense if it seemed that way. I have numerous friends and colleagues who are currently out of work. Good luck and take care.

  19. Congradulations!

    Been expecting to see this, and you didn't disappoint.

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