Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Week Nine and Ten

The lack of a post for Week Nine was NOT because real-life was tying me down, not that I was to busy to write, and not that I had a lack of material to write about. It was about not being able to admit failure to YOU and not being able to admit it to myself.

The past three weeks have been rough for me. I'm an EXTREMELY competitive person. I strive to be the best in anything I do, in both Real Life and WOW. To me, failure is not an option and admitting defeat is un-acceptable. I reached a point in gold-making where I felt like I had failed. I was posting at a LOSS, and for the first time ever I was in NEGATIVE. In past weeks, even when I had dropped tens of thousands of gold on SHIT I always came out with profit. GOOD profit, fuck, even GREAT profit.

My cash-cow, Inscription, took a massive hit. I was forced into posting below my threshold. What I used to make in ONE day, I couldn't even touch in an entire week. By the third week of posting at a loss, I really felt defeated. I couldn't bring myself to write about it. I just wanted to crawl into a hole and quit. So I skipped a week in the blog, and for that I'm really sorry.

I eventually (took about a day, lol) got sick of feeling sorry for myself. So I licked my wounds, got the fuck out of that fucking hole and attacked the AH with a vengeance. I went after every market I could think of. I made up a new saying for myself "If someone uses it, I can fucking sell it". I continued posting at a loss in Inscription, I couldn't give up, not after fighting for so long for it. I wasn't going to go from beating TGM to losing to this fuck. I just wrote the loss off and strove even harder to make it back. BAM. 30 FUCKING K in two weeks Fuck YES. That is my god damned average of 3k a day and I did it WITHOUT glyphs.

There's really something to be said about persistence and perseverance. Oh, and of-course good ole' fashioned bull-headedness. Know why? A few days ago, my cash-cow had a present for me. A nice tall cold glass of milk. That milk was sweet and delicious, not a hint of sour. That milk was PROFIT. After weeks of crashing the glyph market, the other competitor just couldn't keep posting at a loss anymore. I waited a few days, tentatively raised my prices back up and re-instated my threshold. He wasn't the first, and I'm sure he won't be the last. If and when he decides to come back or another takes his place, I'll be ready. I know what to do now and I won't lost confidence in my abilities.

For now, I'm just enjoying myself. WTB some cookies to go with this milk! ^_^

Two Weeks: 30,690

Total: 205,458

205k. Wow, I broke the 200k mark. Only 9k more to go until I finally 'Hit The Cap'. Don't worry, I won't stop writing. I plan to continue this blog until I get tired of making gold (Which I REALLY don't see happening, lol) :)
I have some ideas up my sleeve that will bring a lot of great content to my posts and increase the frequency in which I post them!

GL out there guys, Remember to never give up! Go day by day, step by step. Rome wasn't built in a day and neither are solid fortunes <3

- Tella


  1. Tella,

    Congratulations on overcoming the hump. There's few things more frustrating than believing you have things figured out, only to get your ass handed to you consecutively.

    While I'm using Inscription as a means to the same end, I recognized early that between the demands on my time and the labor involved in upkeep, Inscription can be a dangerous profession to rely too heavily on.

    I control the 3 inscription related markets and even I'm not pulling in 3k a day from them. Were it not for perseverence and diversity, I'd have given up before I got started.

    Anyway, "professional" or not, it's accepting a challenge and admitting the occasional failings that make this blog worth reading.

    See you at the finish line!

  2. Hey, this is confused... after this post, just couldn't put up with that 'name' for my comments anymore. ;P

    Your post is really nice and inspiring, along with a gratz on hitting the 200kg mark. I'd be happy just to get to the 20kg mark. Haha, well, this post gave me a ton of hope (along with being thrilled for you), and before I go switch servers... I'm going to make a final attempt to give myself a market. I might even do dailies to get money since I can't start with just 1kg if I'm too somehow push this guy named "bankdewd" out of the market who has pretty much owned a lot of markets for a long, long time. Not to mention the server is pretty weak in a lot of areas due to (what seems like) everyone reading these blogs. :) But, just as these blogs are meant to inspire hope, yours did that to me. If I end up switching servers, I'm going to come out with at least 10,000 gold. All thanks to you! =D

  3. Hey, this is David again. I'm just posting because I have been trying to use auction profit like you recommended but I just wanted to warn you that it does not work unless you have no mail-getting addons and if you manually click it and then click on the gold, no shift+click shortcut. Sorry. =(

  4. You're right, Rome wasn't built in a day. It was built during the night :)

    All jokes aside, congratulations on hitting 200k. Bouncing back like that from three straight weeks of loss is quite impressive, and it just shows what kind of determination you have. Keep going like that, and you'll have to change your blog to "Hitting the cap again".

    Glad to see some updates, and hope you keep writing. And as always, good luck with future trades and markets!

  5. Check your gmail account, Tella!!!

  6. Hey Tella, the strategy you used is a decent one but... isn't it likely that the guy would just buy all your bags and relist them. Plus, so many people would be buying them. The result? Losing LOTS of money. And then when you think you won, he just reposts all the glyphs he bought by undercutting you. Hate to admit it, but that's what I would do. Buy your glyphs and relist. Once you raise your price, undercut them. :)

    Yes, I thought this out since I was considering doing the same to my competition.

  7. Mark,

    He COULD buy all my glyphs, but like I said, I wasn't going to give up. So I just kept crafting thousands of glyphs and crashing the price. If he bought me out, I would just go lower so he would lose out. I made 0 profit from that, I actually lost quite a bit of gold, but he stopped. So it was worth it in the long run. I have 20 of every glyph on me and about 3 bank tabs full of ink. If he wanted to play the buying game, I could go for a loong time.

    That strategy only works if you have a lot of stock, a lot of backup, a lot of gold to "waste" and other markets to play in to fund it.

    Unless he had 200k+ in the bank, there was no way he was going to out-last me.

  8. Hell-

    Haha, thanks! :D I was actually thinking of calling my blog just that.. "Hit The Cap.. again" rofl :D

    Thanks so much for your kind words and great luck to you aswell!

  9. Hey David,

    Glad to see you're not confused anymore! :D
    I'm so glad I could inspire you, and I honestly hope you do well. There's nothing better than comments like yours left on my blog :) It makes it all worth it!

    About the addon, yeah I know you have to click each gold amount to get the reading, I just use bulkmail to pull everything but sold auctions out, and then I pull the gold out by hand. It's a pain, but I the information I've gathered so far is really useful :)

  10. Anon -

    I do check my gmail, everyday! I have a couple of people I need to respond to. Which email are you reffering to? I'll put it on priority, lulz.

  11. Mail from Wizzoo!

    It seems you are never on googletalk either :(

  12. Anon-

    I have no mail from Wizzoo, and I'm on googletalk right now. Are you sure you're trying hitthecap@gmail.com ? I'll be online the rest of the night if you'd like to try again :)

  13. congratulations on breaking the 200,000g mark :)
    *gives cookies*

    just wanted to let you know that you inspired me to creat a blog detailing my quest for gold :)


  14. Hey Tella, just curious... you ARE still going to continue blogging, just more like once every two weeks now?

    Sorry, just wondering since your blog is an awesome one (especially if you do a "hit the gold cap again" in different markets or servers)... I'd love to see that. I mean, it's your blog that convinced me (and probably a lot of other people) to really push ourselves. I was never competitive, but now I am going to go up against 5-6 people who have reached the gold cap multiple times.... some who specialize in cheap glyphs and other expensive ones... who are on so many hours a day (a few 12+ hours) ... and in an attempt to come out on top. *getting dizzy*... haha, but seriously, I'd love to see you continue writing.

    And, thanks one more time for the hope and all... it was because of reading your most recent post that I went to set out and get a guild bank. And what a wonderful 400g-5-tab-gbank (full of stuff) it was! :)

  15. hello my name is feralex on the duskwood server my goa is also to hit the cap! and i am currently making my money off of cobalt ore/bars/other trade goods and i started just 1 week ago so i am barely pulling in 500g aday but lately it has been starting to come up and reading this has gave me more fuel to try harder and earn more money and i also wish to go above bankdewd. thanks tella