Monday, September 28, 2009

Wrapping Up: Week Two

Week two went really well imo, total profit is lower than my first week because I spent a ton of gold some on new gear for my priest and druid (plus gems, enchants and all that jazz) bought around 4kg worth of herbs and leveled my shaman's blacksmithing up to the point that I can DE my own Horned Cobalt Helms.. but even with all that I pulled out some nice numbers. Next week i'm going to try to cut back on the spending a bit.

Monday: 1,239g
Tuesday: 712g
Wednesday: 1,521g
Thursday: 2,134g
Friday: 1,468g
Saturday: 3,985g
Sunday: 3,748g

Profit for the week: 14,807g

Total: 92,289

Zomg! So close to 100k!

Friday, September 25, 2009

DE Fodder

It's no secret that selling Enchanting Mats is a great way to make gold. I've been selling tons of mats to help reach my goal, and let me tell you.. The results are fantastic.

The best way I've found to make serious gold off of enchanting mats is to set-up your Auctioneer's Snatch to find great deals on the materials you need to make "DE Fodder". What you'll want to do is look-up the following green items DE value by using Enchantrix and then decide what the max price you can spend on mats is while still making profit. Then after you scan Auctioneer let Snatch do all the work!

Leatherworking is my new favorite source of Enchanting Mats! I've found people posting stacks of Borean Leather for as low as 3g! That kind of profit puts money signs in my eyes $.$ ;D

Arctic Boots
x8 Borean Leather

DEing rings used to be my #1 source of enchanting mats until the price of Eternal Earth sky-rocketed on my server. Where it used to be 1-2g per eternal, it's now 6,7 even 8g per eternal. Add that to the cost of the green gems and you've got some damn expensive rings on your hands! I can generally still find some good deals late at night on Eternal Earth and green gems which still makes DEing these worthwhile.

Bloodstone Band
x2 Crystallized Earth
x1 Bloodstone

Crystal Chalcedony Amulet
x2 Crystallized Earth
x1 Chalcedony

Crystal Citrine Necklace
x2 Crystallized Earth
x1 Huge Citrine

Sun Rock Ring
x2 Crystallized Earth
x1 Sun Crystal

Cobalt is pretty iffy on my server. I only use this as DE fodder if I get a great deal on it. Sometimes you find people unloading this in bulk in trade chat. If you see someone make sure to toss them a whisper and see if theres a discount for buying their entire stock. Most of the time people will be so happy to just get rid of it all, they will drop the price way down. BTW, this works with everything people may be selling in bulk, it never hurts to ask!
Remember 1 cobalt ore = 1 bar!

Horned Cobalt Helm
x8 Cobalt Bar

I don't really recommend using Tailoring for DE Fodder unless the price of frostweave is super cheap on your server, because you have the high cost of Eternium Thread to deal with. Make sure you are exalted with the vendor's faction selling the thread, It'll save you about 12g a stack versus being friendly with them ;) Right now a stack of Frostweave is 8-10g on my server, so it's better if I just sell it on the AH rather than DE it.

Duskweave Belt
x7 Bolt of Frostweave
x1 Eternium Thread

Frostwoven Belt
x3 Bolt of Frostweave
x1 Eternium Thread

As always, play it smart and remember that these are results on my server. Every server is different so you need to find what works best for you! Goodluck!

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Since the latest patch, theres been a -huge- demand for Spellweave  on my server, yet a lot of people have not caught on yet and are listing them really low. Perfect chance to play the fun and easy "buy low - sell high" game. I scooped up 60 pieces of spellweave over the past few days for around 75g ea. I've been re-listing them at 150g per. So far i've sold 40 pieces which made me 3,000g. I'm STILL finding the occasional guy selling them late at night for around 85g, so I snatch those up right away and re-list. Be sure to check out the prices on your server, and watch them for a day. See how many are posted and note who is selling them. If you refresh in a few hours and the names have changed, you might have an opportunity to make some serious G off of them. They are in such high demand because of the price drop for the Crusader Orbs that are used in the amazing tailoring patters from ToC! They are BiS for many classes, I know all the priests, mages and warlocks (including my own!) in my guild want a pair of Bejeweled Wizard's Bracers!

Another good option is to advertise in trade chat looking for Spellweave specced tailors with an available cooldown. Even a non-specced spellweave tailor can net you some nice profit but of-course getting two for the price of one is amazing. ;) Before you do anything, please watch your market and price out the mats. Heres an example with data taken from my server.

Spellweave Mats:
x2 Eternal Fire: 46g (23g ea)
x1 Imbued Frostweave: 10g (4g for 10 cloth which makes two bolts, and 6g for two Infinite Dust)
Total: 56g

Selling at 150g for 1 thats 94g profit. If you got the spellweave specced tailor to make your spellweave and you got 2 pieces then you've made 244g


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Contact Me

Have any comments, questions or suggestions? Just want to drop a line or chat a bit? Please don't hesitate! I love to hear from my readers! I set-up a trillian account to work with Googletalk, Y! Messenger and AIM. I'll be leaving it up whenever i'm available, so don't be shy!

GoogleTalk: hitthecap
Y! Messenger: hitthecap
AIM: hitthecap


I woke up this morning and loaded up my RSS Reader to see what was going on in the world of my fellow peers, teh goblins. I got the -best- suprise ever when I read Seth from OneCopper had written alittle review about my blog! I was grinning like a fiend! Thankyou so much Seth, you made my day ;D

Then I read the comments on the post and I read something from Sarainy that made me feel pretty shitty. He brought up one of the ways I got word out about my blog, through posting a comment on a lot of wow-gold blogs telling the author that they had inspired me to write one of my own. Yes, it was a cheap way to get some publicity but it was also 100% true. All of you blog authors inspired me in your own ways to start this. Some by the gold making tactis they wrote about, some by how much success they were having, and some just for the fact that I loved the way they wrote and enjoyed reading every sentence.

In retrospect what I SHOULD have done is made each of the notes a bit more personal, or maybe just by posted something "comment worthy" with a little link in my signature. You know the old saying goes that hindsight is 50-50? Well, it's true but another of my favorite sayings is TIME IS MONEY, FRIEND ;D What I did took 5 minutes, I was in and out and I figured no foul play was at-foot. If I offended any others, I really am sorry. Please take away this one fact: I only did it on blogs I love to read. That means, if you got a comment, I -love- reading your blog and you really, truly, inspired me <3

Now everyone go wish Sarainy Good Luck on his "Challenge"!:

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Cut-throat business of under cutting

There are five "carpet bombers" in the inscription market on my server. One of them I am almost convinced is a robot, lol, he -never- logs off. I've noticed that he will always undercut me as soon as I log off my bank-alt so i've been leaving her online as much as I can.

Right now I only ever have 2 of a glyph made, and those 2 are always kept on the ah. So everytime I log in and see "you have been undercut on 600 auctions" it makes my heart sink as I have to cancel them all, wait forever to get them out of my mail, and then re-post them all.

 If I just make more glyphs, then I can just post them up when I get undercut instead of going through the whole cancelling process. However, my little 2 glyph business is working really well for me and pulling in the profit. I also have the time to play the camping game and can wait out my competition (except that damn robot). So the question is.. should I stick with what i've got or try a new system? A few things that keep me from jumping right into the new system is I'll have to figure out a really good way to keep everything organized since bag space will be a major issue. The other problem is will my mod just start undercutting myself? Maybe I have QuickAuctions set-up wrong but it will constantly undercut my own enchanting mats even though I have her name in the "do not undercut" box thinger. What I'd really like is an option to not post anymore of an item if I am the lowest price on the AH.

Monday, September 21, 2009

<3 Addons

So I found two neat little addons that i've enjoyed using and have not seen people post about them.

The first is a tooltip addon that works really nice with TipTac
It's called Tooltip Wealth. What it does it shows how much gold a person has made in the tooltip when you mouseover them. It also shows how much gold you have made off that person and what they have bought from you! I think its pretty cool to mouseover people and see while running between the mailbox and AH ;D

The second is called AuctionProfit. What it does is saves your auction information. I was looking for a way to compile a "best-sellers" list and this addon is the perfect tool to do that! It records what you sold, how much you sold it for, who you sold it to and how many of it you sold. I love being able to see how much gold I've made off of my competition!

Wrapping Up: Week One

So week one went way better than I ever expected, I made a ton of gold through glyphs, nobles cards, a super rare drop ;) and enchanting mats. I'm going to start buying Borean Leather and making boots for DE fodder rather than eternal earth and green gems. Eternal earth is getting pretty expensive on my server, so I'll see more profit through the leather :)

Big seller: Foror's Compendium of Dragon Slaying: 6kg
Amazing deal: Bought 20 stacks of Adder's Tongue for 8g!
Taking advantage:
- Frostweave cloth selling for 12g a stack! Its usually 6g. I had a ton in my bank that I dropped onto the ah. It sold awesome!
- Shadowcrystals, Chalcedony, and Dark Jade going for 12g for ONE. I sold around 20 of each color before the prices dropped back down to 1g per.

Profit for the week: 21,048g


Just moved this blog from my old website to :) Really makes posting easier than having to write all my own html etc!. I'm copying all the old posts and putting them on here. The dates will be a little messed up but the profit is all the same ;)

Foror's Compendium of Dragon Slaying!

Day Seven
So my best-friend was running Dire Maul working on his insane achievement when he got the really lucky drop of Foror's Compendium of Dragon Slaying. He rememberd that I had one drop when I was doing my own insane achievement and was able to sell it for a pretty decent price so he gave me his :O. I made a post on my server for it and got an offer of 6,000g!! Omg! Thats a nice push towards my goal!

Had a great day with glyphs, sold a ton! Enchanting mats are moving really good aswell.

Profit: 9,404g

Day Five and Six

Snowfall Ink moves soooo slowly on my server T_T. I'm going to start making cards with them to see if I can turn some more profit off of them.

Profit: 3,851g

Day Three and Four

Man I LOVE waking up every morning and clearing pages and pages of auctions sold!

Profit: 6,052g

Day Two

Bought a whole bunch of herbs at 10g a stack. Milling them while writing this ;D

Profit: 1,296g

Day One

Day One has been pretty crazy, exciting and most of all, FUN! I posted 2 glyphs of every kind up and checked on them 3 times during the day, canceling the undercuts and reposting them. Man, getting all those glyphs out of the AH really takes some time! I'm using the /reload trick but it still takes awhile.

End profit: 800g


Addons that I cannot imagine doing this without:
KevTool Queue
Lilsparky's Workshop
Quick Auctions 2


It starts..

Hello and Welcome to my blog about my goal of hitting the gold cap in World of Warcraft!

First of all let me start by introducing myself. IRL I'm a 22yr old female. Boring right? Lets get to the interesting stuff :D I've been playing WOW for around 3 1/2 years as Alliance on a medium-pop PVP server. I started out as a fury warrior but by the middle of the burning crusade I fell in love with my now main, a lvl 80 holy/disc priest. I'm the healing officer of a semi-hardcore raiding guild.  I am a self proclaimed achievement whore (zomg 10 more points!), I'm a bit of an alt-o-holic with 3 lvl 80s, and various others lvl 40-78. The cool thing, imo, about my alts is that they all work for me. hehe. I have a "farm bot" druid with herbalisim/mining (instant flight form is sooo OP!), a alchemy/inscription warrior, blacksmithing/jewelcrafting shaman and a leatherworker/engineer hunter and ofcourse the love of my WORLDofwarcraft, my tailoring/enchanter priest. The only thing i'm misisng is a skinner! I smell a worgen-skinner inc when Cat hits ;)

Like many before me, i'm going to try to reach my goal through Inscription with a bit of random on the side. I've read almost all the gold blogs out there (MAJOR PROPS TO YOU GUYS!), I have all the nifty addons and I've learned from the best of the best on how to use them properly. I've been watching the inscription market on my server for about 2 weeks now and it looks like i'm going to have some MAJOR competition, but I think I can do it! So without further ado, i'm going to go get started!

Starting amount:
55,033g  (earned through dailys and causal AHing)

2,000g in herbs

2 of every glyph possible.

1c undercut with a threshold of 2g