Monday, September 21, 2009

<3 Addons

So I found two neat little addons that i've enjoyed using and have not seen people post about them.

The first is a tooltip addon that works really nice with TipTac
It's called Tooltip Wealth. What it does it shows how much gold a person has made in the tooltip when you mouseover them. It also shows how much gold you have made off that person and what they have bought from you! I think its pretty cool to mouseover people and see while running between the mailbox and AH ;D

The second is called AuctionProfit. What it does is saves your auction information. I was looking for a way to compile a "best-sellers" list and this addon is the perfect tool to do that! It records what you sold, how much you sold it for, who you sold it to and how many of it you sold. I love being able to see how much gold I've made off of my competition!

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