Monday, September 28, 2009

Wrapping Up: Week Two

Week two went really well imo, total profit is lower than my first week because I spent a ton of gold some on new gear for my priest and druid (plus gems, enchants and all that jazz) bought around 4kg worth of herbs and leveled my shaman's blacksmithing up to the point that I can DE my own Horned Cobalt Helms.. but even with all that I pulled out some nice numbers. Next week i'm going to try to cut back on the spending a bit.

Monday: 1,239g
Tuesday: 712g
Wednesday: 1,521g
Thursday: 2,134g
Friday: 1,468g
Saturday: 3,985g
Sunday: 3,748g

Profit for the week: 14,807g

Total: 92,289

Zomg! So close to 100k!

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