Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I woke up this morning and loaded up my RSS Reader to see what was going on in the world of my fellow peers, teh goblins. I got the -best- suprise ever when I read Seth from OneCopper had written alittle review about my blog! I was grinning like a fiend! Thankyou so much Seth, you made my day ;D

Then I read the comments on the post and I read something from Sarainy that made me feel pretty shitty. He brought up one of the ways I got word out about my blog, through posting a comment on a lot of wow-gold blogs telling the author that they had inspired me to write one of my own. Yes, it was a cheap way to get some publicity but it was also 100% true. All of you blog authors inspired me in your own ways to start this. Some by the gold making tactis they wrote about, some by how much success they were having, and some just for the fact that I loved the way they wrote and enjoyed reading every sentence.

In retrospect what I SHOULD have done is made each of the notes a bit more personal, or maybe just by posted something "comment worthy" with a little link in my signature. You know the old saying goes that hindsight is 50-50? Well, it's true but another of my favorite sayings is TIME IS MONEY, FRIEND ;D What I did took 5 minutes, I was in and out and I figured no foul play was at-foot. If I offended any others, I really am sorry. Please take away this one fact: I only did it on blogs I love to read. That means, if you got a comment, I -love- reading your blog and you really, truly, inspired me <3

Now everyone go wish Sarainy Good Luck on his "Challenge"!:


  1. Tella,

    First off all I wasn't offended so don't worry about me being mad or something like that.

    Second off all, That's about what I thought. It's free publicity, true. But would you leave a comment on a post you never read? or something you don't like? I doubt it.
    So as far as inspiring goes, I'm glad that I was part of it.

    for the "blog-whoring" or whatever some ppl call it. Yes they are right too. It's a bit 50-50 here. It's nice to have a comment but indeed it wasn't personal, ofc which saved you time, so if we see it like that:

    - it was "sweet" to do
    - it wasn't really professional
    - but it was -and most important tbh- very goblinish.

    so no hard feelings and keep it up ;)


  2. missed a piece:
    - it wasn't really professional to do it like that (copy paste)

  3. I apologise if this came across harsher than it was meant to. Coming from an internet marketing background it's far too easy to be sceptical about things like this.

    In retrospect it's true that what you did was more 'Gobliny' than spammy. Your comment was relevant, kind, and inspiring (As Seth said, it made him happy and want to carry on blogging).

    No hard feelings? You have a good thing coming along here and it was not my intention to tarnish that! So again, I apologise fully for overreacting.

  4. While there are people that would be against the way you told people about your blog (and a little part of me did so as well at first) it is without a doubt one of the best ways to do it. You got attention from several other bloggers and most likely several of their readers. While I would have done it in a little more personal way for each blogger to make it feel less "spammy" I can't deny that it appears to have worked.

  5. It goes with the viral nature of the internet to link things - iirc what you did wasn't exactly off topic or anything, as Sarainy notes, it was relevant. Most people would discover a blog through clicking someone's profile - others need a helping hand.

  6. As I said in a comment over on Seth's blog I do like your blog and am deff. adding it too my RSS reader BUT I must say I don't approve of the way you advertised.

    -Coffelord Jenkins
    Gm of [The Horde Mercenaries]

  7. Honestly I probably wouldn't have looked at your blog if you didn't post a link. There are so many of us "economic" bloggers and according to google analytics people bounce from blog to blog so much that if they want to complain about it then *shrugs*.

    I like your blog and your advertising didn't offend me in any way. Keep it up.