Friday, September 25, 2009

DE Fodder

It's no secret that selling Enchanting Mats is a great way to make gold. I've been selling tons of mats to help reach my goal, and let me tell you.. The results are fantastic.

The best way I've found to make serious gold off of enchanting mats is to set-up your Auctioneer's Snatch to find great deals on the materials you need to make "DE Fodder". What you'll want to do is look-up the following green items DE value by using Enchantrix and then decide what the max price you can spend on mats is while still making profit. Then after you scan Auctioneer let Snatch do all the work!

Leatherworking is my new favorite source of Enchanting Mats! I've found people posting stacks of Borean Leather for as low as 3g! That kind of profit puts money signs in my eyes $.$ ;D

Arctic Boots
x8 Borean Leather

DEing rings used to be my #1 source of enchanting mats until the price of Eternal Earth sky-rocketed on my server. Where it used to be 1-2g per eternal, it's now 6,7 even 8g per eternal. Add that to the cost of the green gems and you've got some damn expensive rings on your hands! I can generally still find some good deals late at night on Eternal Earth and green gems which still makes DEing these worthwhile.

Bloodstone Band
x2 Crystallized Earth
x1 Bloodstone

Crystal Chalcedony Amulet
x2 Crystallized Earth
x1 Chalcedony

Crystal Citrine Necklace
x2 Crystallized Earth
x1 Huge Citrine

Sun Rock Ring
x2 Crystallized Earth
x1 Sun Crystal

Cobalt is pretty iffy on my server. I only use this as DE fodder if I get a great deal on it. Sometimes you find people unloading this in bulk in trade chat. If you see someone make sure to toss them a whisper and see if theres a discount for buying their entire stock. Most of the time people will be so happy to just get rid of it all, they will drop the price way down. BTW, this works with everything people may be selling in bulk, it never hurts to ask!
Remember 1 cobalt ore = 1 bar!

Horned Cobalt Helm
x8 Cobalt Bar

I don't really recommend using Tailoring for DE Fodder unless the price of frostweave is super cheap on your server, because you have the high cost of Eternium Thread to deal with. Make sure you are exalted with the vendor's faction selling the thread, It'll save you about 12g a stack versus being friendly with them ;) Right now a stack of Frostweave is 8-10g on my server, so it's better if I just sell it on the AH rather than DE it.

Duskweave Belt
x7 Bolt of Frostweave
x1 Eternium Thread

Frostwoven Belt
x3 Bolt of Frostweave
x1 Eternium Thread

As always, play it smart and remember that these are results on my server. Every server is different so you need to find what works best for you! Goodluck!


  1. I just tend to just search for uncommon items over lvl 75 and buy any cheap ones ie 15g or under

  2. Excellent post, there is in fact items like this for almost every crafting profession.

    I like the idea of using the snatch feature, although it does require monitoring of the AH - you can't take a no brain approach to any money making on the AH really as I'm sure we all learnt the hard way!

    As for Ben's comment, you can use the "Disenchant search" in Auctioneer to find exactly the right items to buy, and at a price that will be to your specifications of how profitable they are compared to Enchantrix values.

  3. Ben - By making my own greens I'm able to control my prices a bit better and end up with waaaay more mats than I would with the limited amounts of greens on the ah (on my server). Out of 15g I can usually make around 8 greens. It takes alittle longer but it is sooo worth it.

  4. Sarainy - Thankyou :) Haha, it can be a little to easy to just let your mods do all your thinking for you, but usually the more time you invest into something, the more you get out of it. Whenever I post a batch of glyphs I do a quick scan of my snatch list, it really yields me tons of materials to turn into fodder :)

  5. Im curious, with the Infinite dust you get, How big stacks sell most easy? 1? 5? 10? 20? Please tell

  6. Jonaq - My biggest seller is stacks of 1, second is 3 and then stacks of 20. I havn't had much luck with 5s or 10s, but I always put some up anyway :)

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