Thursday, September 24, 2009


Since the latest patch, theres been a -huge- demand for Spellweave  on my server, yet a lot of people have not caught on yet and are listing them really low. Perfect chance to play the fun and easy "buy low - sell high" game. I scooped up 60 pieces of spellweave over the past few days for around 75g ea. I've been re-listing them at 150g per. So far i've sold 40 pieces which made me 3,000g. I'm STILL finding the occasional guy selling them late at night for around 85g, so I snatch those up right away and re-list. Be sure to check out the prices on your server, and watch them for a day. See how many are posted and note who is selling them. If you refresh in a few hours and the names have changed, you might have an opportunity to make some serious G off of them. They are in such high demand because of the price drop for the Crusader Orbs that are used in the amazing tailoring patters from ToC! They are BiS for many classes, I know all the priests, mages and warlocks (including my own!) in my guild want a pair of Bejeweled Wizard's Bracers!

Another good option is to advertise in trade chat looking for Spellweave specced tailors with an available cooldown. Even a non-specced spellweave tailor can net you some nice profit but of-course getting two for the price of one is amazing. ;) Before you do anything, please watch your market and price out the mats. Heres an example with data taken from my server.

Spellweave Mats:
x2 Eternal Fire: 46g (23g ea)
x1 Imbued Frostweave: 10g (4g for 10 cloth which makes two bolts, and 6g for two Infinite Dust)
Total: 56g

Selling at 150g for 1 thats 94g profit. If you got the spellweave specced tailor to make your spellweave and you got 2 pieces then you've made 244g


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