Thursday, October 29, 2009

Race Change Speculation

I was talking to my Guild Leader the other day in vent about race changes and how popular the service is turning out to be. We play alliance, and a lot of serious PVPers have been switching to Humans for Every Man For Himself. He then told me that one of the best trinket options for a Human PVPer is a Greatness Deck since you don't need a Medallion anymore. With the fair right around the corner I expect a nice increase in sales of Nobles Decks and everything associated with the making Darkmoon Cards. So if you're Alliance you should really stock up on those herbs and eternals!
Your Auction Houses might become really dry, really quick.
I'm currently stockpiling and praying to RNJesus for lucky noble procs!

Woweconomics has a great post up on The Top 10 (Murphy’s) Laws of WoW Trading
It really made me smile! Make sure to check it out for a good laugh.

I added a link to a Contact Information page on the right ---->
So if you have any comments, questions or suggestions or just want to drop a line or chat a bit, Please don't hesitate! I love to hear from my readers! I set-up a trillian account to work with Googletalk, Y! Messenger and AIM. I'll be leaving it up whenever i'm available, don't be shy!

I will be adding links for "about the author" and "resources" shortly.

Huge sigh of relief for enchanters!

I've been pretty /emo about the new Disenchanting in Dungeons options for 3.3
Since DE Fodder is a big source of my income, I didn't want to see it take another huge hit with the possibility of every Heroic Group DEing all their loot and sticking it on the AH.

Then I read a blue post about it that says
" To maintain the importance of the profession itself, the disenchanting UI option will only be available for groups that have a character with the necessary level of Enchanting to disenchant the items that are obtained."

FREAKING. WOOT. Thats an awesome change. Now I'm very excited about the D/E in Dungeons and the whole new PUG system sounds amazing!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Wrapping Up: Week Six

I kinda don't even want to report this week's profit. It's TERRIBLE. lol. I BLAME TEH SARONITE! I found a "chinese farmer" earlier last week that was selling saro ore for 15g a stack, I bought everything he had and let me tell you.. he had a TON, lol. A few days after that I found a guy that was selling "Saronite Ore x50 13g a stack" That guy had more like 300 stacks of saronite.. but I couldn't say no to those prices. I also nabbed some cheap Titanium and Eternals off of him. Now I'm having an inventory crisis with Saronite coming out of my ears! I want to save the bulk of it to see what happens in the next patch, and the rest i'm working on Shuffling.

Week's Profit: 1,301g

Total: 140,414g

Atleast I didn't go into negative numbers and I made back all that I spent. ^_^

Glyph market has been pretty steady. No amazing profits this week from it, but nothing to scoff at either. It keeps chugging along, pulling in an average of 2.5k a day. Nothing really new to update on Theglyphman situation. Blizzard read my ticket yesterday and they say they are "looking into the situation". Theres no real "war" yet, just business as usual. Hes still camping the AH and undercutting me like crazy. I'm giving him the same treatment right back. ALLTHOUGH, He did do something really nice for me.. /giggle Thanks for buying my glyphs and then raising the price so I can sell more for even higher!

I noticed a big increase in my Armor Vellum and Runescroll sales this week. The two epic offhands are moving pretty steadily aswell. Man, I <3 inscription ;)

I havn't done much in the enchanting mats market.. really low prices for Cosmic Essences has kind-of disillusioned me towards the DE-Fodder project. I just need to cut some loses, lower my threshold and stop saving these essences for an increase in price that is probably not going to come. Try to make a profit while theres still SOME profit to be made.

I had a -great- flask flipping experience, I found a whole bunch of Frost Wyrm flasks at 33g each, when they normally go for 45gish. I bought them up and then a day later there were NONE on the AH, so I stuck them up for 60g and BAM!

Heres to not spending as much next week! Hopefully I won't see "wts saronite ore" in tradechat >.>

GL out there!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

NI HAO!!!!

So today is the BEST DAY EVER!! Wanna know why? Well, it's because I got my first hate tell! AND ITS A FRIGGIN DOOZY! It's from my biggest competitor. I do more PVP on the AH with this guy than all the other sellers combined. He was the largest glyph seller on the server until I moved in. I guess hes not to happy with me ^_^. Also, my guild bank is named Ni Hao which is where all the racist comments are stemming from.

So, I log in after the big AH crash and re-post all my glyphs for 50g. I had just finished with my 3rd alt when TGM (theglyphman) logs on so I hop back on over to my mage which is my first poster and I prepare for the war when he sends me this tell:

( Yes, I edited out my char's names because i'm a pussy. Sorry wingman )

He promptly put me on ignore so I can't reply >.< Ofcourse I'm not going to stand for that so I hop on my Original poster, the bank alt that I used to post all my glyphs before I switched the 3 alt system. and I whisper him this:

Okay, it's all cool and dandy, I write up a GM ticket saying he harrased me and made racial slurs against me. GG for him. I finish up the ticket and log on my Shaman poster. As SOON as I log on I get this from him:

I undercut him, repost and hop on my Paladin and get this:

Open up 2 more tickets, cancel and repost and go on my merry way ^_^


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Jack-O' Lanterns

Apparently, wands are not the only thing that sell well this Halloween ;)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Wrapping Up: Week Five

Hungry Like The Wolf!

Had a really interesting week. Glyph sales went way down, my usual 3-4k a day dropped to 1k. However, I managed to pull in some amazing numbers with my other markets. Just goes to show how IMPORTANT having an active roll in multiple markets is! So that when one goes bad, or has a slow week, you're still making gold in other areas.

Week's profit: 23,814g

Total: 139,113g

I farmed the pattern to make Rituals of the New Moon and had a fun little social experiment with it. -Everytime- I advertised it in trade chat, atleast one would sell. It put me into a fit of giggles to see "A buyer has been found for your auction" right after I linked it in trade chat, every. single. time.

I only took three screenshots but I sold around 50 books over the course of the week.
It's important to note that when I was not advertising the books, they hardly moved.

On a non gold related note, I finished up my Wintersaber reputation and got my Reins of the Winterspring Frostsaber!!
I started the reputation grind around 6 months ago and FINALLY got around to finishing it up.

 Sideshot because I wanted to show off my legendary mace ;)

In raiding news, My guild downed Faction Champions and were now working on the Twin Valks in Heroic 25m TOC.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Method to My Madness

About a week and a half ago I mentioned that I had made some major changes in the way I handle my glyph business. Well, that post is finally here, sorry it's so late! To avoid this post getting really long I'm going to post it in multiple parts.. Here's Part One..

When I started out in the glyph business, I had two bank alts. One I did all of my purchasing on and miscellaneous selling, the other I just used for glyphs. Well, I soon realized that if you only have one alt that posts glyphs, bag space is going to be a major issue. It's also a PITA to spend that much time at the mailbox. I also pretty much had to stick my entire inventory on the AH to avoid having to make runs to the guild bank. (I work in Exodar.. the run from the AH to the bank is -not- cool.) Another problem was I would always miss out on "prime time" where everyone is either getting ready for raids or buying gems and enchants for their new gear. I would miss out on it because I was always on my main, doing the same thing lol.

When I heard that mmo-chumpion was going to release an inscription guide, I -knew- I had to make a change, and that change was to make 3 alts on my second account. The only thing that had me really hesitant was the inventory nightmare I would face without being able to use KTQue and Skillet since my Glyph maker was on one account and the bank alts would be on the other. I flirted with the idea of transfering my glyph maker to the second account but then I did some poking around with Altoholic and I saw they supported account sharing. Wait, really? You mean I can share my inventory and AH count between two ACCOUNTS? Hot damn! Altoholic is an -amazing- addon!

Three Goats and A Mule
I made three Space Goats to be my new glyph posters. A Shaman, a Paladin and a Mage. Then I setup my Bulkmail to mail the glyphs off in three sets. I chose these three sets because they are super easy for me to remember since they are the Tier token sets ;)

As you can see my Shaman gets the Warrior, Hunter, Shaman glyphs. My mage gets DK, Druid, Rogue, Mage and my Paladin gets Priest, Warlock, Paladin. So simple! In an hour my inventory looks like this:

The 4th bank alt, that I refer to as my "mule" sells everything other than glyphs and I do -all- of my buying on her.

 I've been dual-boxing for almost two years now, I orginally made a second account because I wanted to be able to farm on my druid while raiding (inbetween attempts) and I wanted to be able to run myself through instances. Now I can spend a ton of time at the AH without feeling guilty about not doing achievements and I can raid while keeping up with undercuts! ^.^

Monday, October 12, 2009

Wrapping Up: Week Four

Wow, four weeks.. It's hard to believe I've been doing this for a month already! How time flies while you're having fun and getting filthy rich ey? hahahas ;) Since I started writing HTC I've pulled in around 60,000g. Now, when say I've "made" 60,000g that is pure liquid. That's what sitting in my personal Guildbank.. That's pure profit baby ;D Now if I count how much gold is tied up in mats and in the AH, it's close to 100k. I also have around 30k on my main, and 20k on my "buyer".

I don't even want to begin to count how much I've SPENT, lol. Not just on mats, but on trivial shit. Like, vanity pets.. I'm a sucker for vanity pets. I know I've spent about 4k on them since I started this.. /guilty. Then there's the cost of having two characters that raid every week! That's repair bills, flasks, gems, enchants, spellthread, belt buckle, etc x2! I'm not a casual raider either, by any means. On my priest I do 25 Heroic/Normal TOC, 10 man Heroic/Normal TOC, 10/25 Ony, 10/25 VOA, 10 man Ulduar hard modes and I also do the heroic daily everyday. WHEW! The druid usually only does 25 TOC, Ony and VOA. I'm also getting into PVP more, so that's -another- set of gear I get to gem and enchant.

Hmm, lets see.. What else do I spend a lot of gold on? Oh! Dash. Dash is my bestfriend in RL and in WOW. He's the one who got me into wow and I adore him <3 but, adoration is expensive /giggle. He's currently going for his "Insane" achievement (pfft, copy cat) so I'm helping him out a lot with that. I buy the librams anytime I find them on the ah, they go from 50-100g. I buy low level herbs to mill into Rogues Decks so he can turn them in, I nab Pristine Black Diamonds whenever I see them up for 60g or less and whenever I try to make a few nobles decks to sell, he gets all the "trash" cards (anything thats not a noble).
 If I were a stingier player, I'm sure i'd be much closer to my goal, but raiding and friends are the most important aspects to the game for me. I guess I will never truly be a "goblin" since I view my gold as an enabler to have more fun.

This weeks profit is pretty pathetic, I've made more in a day before than I did this entire week.. but if I factor in that I spent over 10k it makes me feel better ;)

Week's profit: 7,564g

Total: 115,299g

Had a great great raid week, in 25 man Heroic TOC We ONE SHOT the beast encounter, busted open the loot pinata that is Jaraxxus and then hit a brick wall with faction champs.. mann that fight is rough! lol, good thing I'm a glutton for punishment and like progression fights ;) In 10 man my group went back to Ulduar and fought Algalon again.. and beat him! Woot Starcaller! /happy achievement whore dance

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Stormwind Auction Trick

I found this in a comment on JMTC's post "A lesson on Supply and Demand". It's absolutely brilliant!! Full credit goes to Deltrus.
" Deltrus said...
This macro allows you to stand by the SW mailbox outside of the AH and use the AH at the same time. Absolutely no movement at all! You just need to go to your spell bindings and bind interact target to a button

So what you do is first of all, make this macro:
/targetexact Auctioneer Jaxon
/cleartarget [dead] [noexists]

Next,go into your Keybindings setup and set a key for 'Interact with Target'. It's under the Targetting Functions section

Then you'll want to stand right here in Stormwind.

Use the macro, hit your keybind.. and voila! AH and Mailbox without moving a step!

Sorry hordies, please don't be to mad about the alliance OPness ;) Now stop raiding stormwind and killing the auctioneers every 2 hours so I can actually use this trick myself!

QA2 Borked

Yesterday I installed the latest version of QA2 (v. r20091010) and I've been experiencing some weird problems with it.. For instance, my cap for posting glyphs is 2, but on some glyphs it was posting my entire stock, others it was only posting 1, and some it was picking between 3 and 5 to post o.O. Then when I went to go adjust the post cap, the slider bar "jumped" ahead and will only let me select 1,4,6 etc. No numbers inbetween, and the kicker is it won't let me "write in" a value. WTFBBQ. Also when I tried to run the status feature and it error'd out. I looked on the comment section for QA2 and it seems a lot of other people are experiencing these problems, so my advice to you fellow QA2 users is don't update it until it gets fixed!

In other news, I've been pretty busy this week, havn't had much time to write.. I'm still working on that post I promised you guys, sorry it's taking so long!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I originally just posted this as a reply, but I figured it made a pretty nice post. It's not as polished as my usual posts, and it kinda jumps around a bit, but I'm sure you can get the general gist of things.

Green Guts said...
"Congrats! I'm currently stuck at the 10,000 gold wall :-\ any pointers for those looking to push past it?
I already have a 6 slot guild bank, epic flying / northrend flying etc. 
The only "major" expense I've had lately was working up Tailoring on one of my alts... and another profession may be following in suit shortly. Other than those expenses (and materials) what would you suggest I do?"


The best advice I can give you is to dip your fingers in as many markets as you can. Right now I'm dealing in Enchanting Mats, Glyphs, Netherweave Bags, Saronite Ore, Meta gems, Eternal Belt Buckles and Flasks. They all have their good days and bad days. When I see a shitty seller's market, I become a buyer. When I see a great seller's market, I resell all that I bought. For example what I did with enchanting mats... It was a terrible sellers market with rock bottom prices.. So I bought all that I could, waited it out and then reposted when the market shifted. All the while I was still making good money off of my other markets.

Make a list of all the materials you want to start dipping your fingers into. Go down that list everytime you log on to post/cancel glyphs. Look at the prices and remember them. Learning your market is crucial to your success. For example, I know that Borean Leather on my server usually sells for 11g a stack. I also know that if I want to make gold off of buying borean leather and disenchanting it, I need to buy it under 10g to first of all, turn a profit, but to also make it worth my time with all the mailing, dis-enchanting and stuff. So when I see a bunch of it up for 6g, I know I can make an informed bulk purchase that will result in profit.

Here are some general tips that I use everyday.. Remember though, these are things that work for me on my server. Every server is different!!! Make -INFORMED- purchases whatever you do, to avoid that bad-deal burn.

- Enchanting mats move like crazy at almost any price. I will see Greater Cosmic essence listed for 13g ea and then in 30 minutes, they can be up to 20g ea. I know I can buyout all the essences at that 13g price and then re-list them. When they tank back down, I have two choices. I can either buy them all again and re-sell, or wait for a better time when more people are on.

- Shadow Crystals, Jade Crystals and Chalcedony are awesome little sellers. I've sold these bad boys for up to 13g ea. Find out what JC daily is on your server and spike those prices. They are also used in the Prisms.

- Flasks are an awesome market. Really play the reseller game here. Buy them late late at night, early morning or afternoon. Sell for double at raid times.

- Metagems are selling really well right now thanks to the loot pinata in the form of Onyxia 10/25. She drops helms like crazy, and guess whats in all of those helms? A meta socket that needs to be filled.

- Netherweave bags are hot hot hot. A stack of netherweave makes 1 bag. I find a stack of netherweave for 4g, make into a bag, and turn around and sell it for 15g.

- My post on spellweave is another hot item tip

Really though, the -best- thing you can do though to push you past that wall is to learn YOUR market. Yeah, sure, you can get really lucky someday and find a random great deal.. but I much prefer making my own luck and find great deals everyday. ;)

If anyone else has any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!
As always, Goodluck out there!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Wrapping Up: Week Three (Woot! 100k mark)

Well, It was a hell of a week. The whole MMO-Champ Guide posting sent me into over-drive and I fought tooth and nail to keep my market. I spiked the prices of Netherbloom, Icethorn, Adders, Tiger Lily, and Deadnettle to 40-50g a stack (up from 15-20g) and then I crashed the glyph market -hard-, making it impossible for anyone without a good stock of ink to make any kind of profit. I saw around 5 "new posters" try and fail miserably to keep up with my relentless undercuts but by the weekend they all gave up. I even managed to drive out some of my older competition but I'm sure they'll be back once the herb prices settle. However, the herb market is almost non-existant, it's hella slim pickings out there. At the time of writing this theres only 1 stack of icethorn, 1 stack of lichbloom, 0 tiger lily, and like 4 deadnettle. It's been like that almost all weekend.. I've been doing an AH scan for them almost every 3 hours and found nothing. Where have all the farmers gone? You'd think they'd post by the hundreds with herb prices so high.. I'm actually going to have to go farm for herbs to keep my glyphs going since I'm running out of ink fast. The good thing about all this is Snowfall Ink is off the wall and selling like crazy. I stuck 30 singles up there for 50g ea and they all sold within the hour O.O thankyou Darkmoon Faire!

As for the enchanting mats, I didn't fight to keep that market.. I spent my time selling Vellums and twiddling my thumbs, letting the MMO-noobs do all the work. Greater Cosmics fell to 8g singular and Infinite Dust went to around 1g singular.. S'all good. Once Borean Leather spiked to 40g a stack and Cobalt around 50g, I went crazy and scooped all the enchanting mats up. I srsly bought out -everything- and then listed them at *my* prices. 4g a Dust and 20g a Cosmic, tyvm. They are still at that price today and i'm one of the only people selling. Can you say CA-CHING with me? Oh yes indeed, CA-CHING. $.$

Tons of gold went out of my pockets this week, but even more came flooding in. A "big one" was buying the last tab in my Guild Bank. 5k gold sink that I can't "technically" make back, but pays for itself in convenience and time spent.

Week's profit: 15,446g

Total: 107,735g

The night before the Inscription guide was posted I made some major changes to the way I handle my glyphs, I'll write about what I did and how it enabled me to be -ruthless- this past week. You can expect that post sometime later this week.

As always, GL out there!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

310 Drakes

                         My pretty priest on her Rusted Proto-drake

Today I wanted to write about something a little off-topic :) If you read my "about me" post you'll know I -love- raiding and am a major achievement whore. Well this week I've gotten two 310 Proto-Drakes!! First was the Violet Proto from the "What a long strange trip it's been" and the second from FINALLY completing "Glory of the Ulduar Raider (10 man)" I say finally because we've been trying to get a group together to do it for like forever.. finding a damn shaman is impossible for us. It's a little bittersweet since we out-gear the instance so much now, but it feels great to have done it :) That brings my total achievement points up to 8,865. lol.

Between doing TOC 25 regular and hardmode my guild wants to keep working on getting our Ironbound protos. We only have 3 achievements left so were pretty excited :)

I had a another major /nerd glee moment last night when we went and saw Algalon for the first time!! We got him down to 20%! That fight is AMAZING, I love healing it so much. So so so so so much fun!! ^.^ Can't wait to get back in there next week! Starcaller inc! Well, Starcaller for my friends inc, lol I couldn't replace my "Insane" title ;)