Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Wrapping Up: Week Six

I kinda don't even want to report this week's profit. It's TERRIBLE. lol. I BLAME TEH SARONITE! I found a "chinese farmer" earlier last week that was selling saro ore for 15g a stack, I bought everything he had and let me tell you.. he had a TON, lol. A few days after that I found a guy that was selling "Saronite Ore x50 13g a stack" That guy had more like 300 stacks of saronite.. but I couldn't say no to those prices. I also nabbed some cheap Titanium and Eternals off of him. Now I'm having an inventory crisis with Saronite coming out of my ears! I want to save the bulk of it to see what happens in the next patch, and the rest i'm working on Shuffling.

Week's Profit: 1,301g

Total: 140,414g

Atleast I didn't go into negative numbers and I made back all that I spent. ^_^

Glyph market has been pretty steady. No amazing profits this week from it, but nothing to scoff at either. It keeps chugging along, pulling in an average of 2.5k a day. Nothing really new to update on Theglyphman situation. Blizzard read my ticket yesterday and they say they are "looking into the situation". Theres no real "war" yet, just business as usual. Hes still camping the AH and undercutting me like crazy. I'm giving him the same treatment right back. ALLTHOUGH, He did do something really nice for me.. /giggle Thanks for buying my glyphs and then raising the price so I can sell more for even higher!

I noticed a big increase in my Armor Vellum and Runescroll sales this week. The two epic offhands are moving pretty steadily aswell. Man, I <3 inscription ;)

I havn't done much in the enchanting mats market.. really low prices for Cosmic Essences has kind-of disillusioned me towards the DE-Fodder project. I just need to cut some loses, lower my threshold and stop saving these essences for an increase in price that is probably not going to come. Try to make a profit while theres still SOME profit to be made.

I had a -great- flask flipping experience, I found a whole bunch of Frost Wyrm flasks at 33g each, when they normally go for 45gish. I bought them up and then a day later there were NONE on the AH, so I stuck them up for 60g and BAM!

Heres to not spending as much next week! Hopefully I won't see "wts saronite ore" in tradechat >.>

GL out there!


  1. If you have an engineer alt available: saronite razorheads and mammoth cutters sell really well between 1700 and 2000 on my server.

    I noticed that going for volume is the best, price them below 10G/1000 and you'll sell tons of them, price them at 25 and you'll also sell but 10 times less.

    Mammoth cutters require a bit more materials but should also saronite, so you could look into making them also: should be craftable for around 4G/1000 and sells in high volume for about 12g/1000
    With the price you paid for the saronite you can make arrows for 3G/stack.

    If the prices for the ammunition are too high hunters will use lower level, if you manage to find the sweet spot, they won't even think and buy 10 stacks at a time.

  2. Hi!

    I've been reading your blog since seeing you commenting on a Greedy Goblin post. First I have to say very well done on the profit you've made so far! I've been captivated reading your methods and success.

    I'm also interested in meeting the gold cap (well, who isn't) but to date I'm really not having much success. I have recently invested a chunk of money from questing into my druid's leatherworking (now 436) and I remembered your tip about disenchanting arctic boots. I have been doing this for two days now and the profit is quite nice. However, like you, I am noticing the cosmic essences are not selling well. I think I am still making profit on dust, but I'd really like to increase this much more than I'm earning per day currently.

    I was wondering if you'd take me on as an apprentice of sorts? My email address is jack[at]steelrat[dot]net if you're interested.

    Many thanks!

  3. Hey Jack!

    Thanks a ton for you kind words, I'm honored :)

    I'll be tossing you an e-mail in a sec to see what you'd like to set-up!