Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I originally just posted this as a reply, but I figured it made a pretty nice post. It's not as polished as my usual posts, and it kinda jumps around a bit, but I'm sure you can get the general gist of things.

Green Guts said...
"Congrats! I'm currently stuck at the 10,000 gold wall :-\ any pointers for those looking to push past it?
I already have a 6 slot guild bank, epic flying / northrend flying etc. 
The only "major" expense I've had lately was working up Tailoring on one of my alts... and another profession may be following in suit shortly. Other than those expenses (and materials) what would you suggest I do?"


The best advice I can give you is to dip your fingers in as many markets as you can. Right now I'm dealing in Enchanting Mats, Glyphs, Netherweave Bags, Saronite Ore, Meta gems, Eternal Belt Buckles and Flasks. They all have their good days and bad days. When I see a shitty seller's market, I become a buyer. When I see a great seller's market, I resell all that I bought. For example what I did with enchanting mats... It was a terrible sellers market with rock bottom prices.. So I bought all that I could, waited it out and then reposted when the market shifted. All the while I was still making good money off of my other markets.

Make a list of all the materials you want to start dipping your fingers into. Go down that list everytime you log on to post/cancel glyphs. Look at the prices and remember them. Learning your market is crucial to your success. For example, I know that Borean Leather on my server usually sells for 11g a stack. I also know that if I want to make gold off of buying borean leather and disenchanting it, I need to buy it under 10g to first of all, turn a profit, but to also make it worth my time with all the mailing, dis-enchanting and stuff. So when I see a bunch of it up for 6g, I know I can make an informed bulk purchase that will result in profit.

Here are some general tips that I use everyday.. Remember though, these are things that work for me on my server. Every server is different!!! Make -INFORMED- purchases whatever you do, to avoid that bad-deal burn.

- Enchanting mats move like crazy at almost any price. I will see Greater Cosmic essence listed for 13g ea and then in 30 minutes, they can be up to 20g ea. I know I can buyout all the essences at that 13g price and then re-list them. When they tank back down, I have two choices. I can either buy them all again and re-sell, or wait for a better time when more people are on.

- Shadow Crystals, Jade Crystals and Chalcedony are awesome little sellers. I've sold these bad boys for up to 13g ea. Find out what JC daily is on your server and spike those prices. They are also used in the Prisms.

- Flasks are an awesome market. Really play the reseller game here. Buy them late late at night, early morning or afternoon. Sell for double at raid times.

- Metagems are selling really well right now thanks to the loot pinata in the form of Onyxia 10/25. She drops helms like crazy, and guess whats in all of those helms? A meta socket that needs to be filled.

- Netherweave bags are hot hot hot. A stack of netherweave makes 1 bag. I find a stack of netherweave for 4g, make into a bag, and turn around and sell it for 15g.

- My post on spellweave is another hot item tip

Really though, the -best- thing you can do though to push you past that wall is to learn YOUR market. Yeah, sure, you can get really lucky someday and find a random great deal.. but I much prefer making my own luck and find great deals everyday. ;)

If anyone else has any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!
As always, Goodluck out there!


  1. Like you said, every server is different and that is the major point for knowing YOUR own market. On the server I am in, Netherweave bags sell like honey, but the price is below 7g/bag, while the price of the Netherweave is around 6g stack. Thus it's a numbers game especially now after the MMO-Champion articles...

    Thanks for some pointers and good luck!

    C out

  2. Wow, Thanks for replying Tella! :) a whole new post just to address my question makes me feel pretty good ;) not to mention, it's "free publicity" for me in a way ;)

    I just worked tailoring up to 375 yesterday. I'll probably be finishing it off today, and starting in on Alchemy with a different alt sometime this week.

    Right now I'm currently playing Inscription / Enchanting / Jewelcrafting markets - though I will probably have to drive down the Glyph market a bit, as I've been feeding the baby-goblins. Oops?

    Again, thanks for the advice!

    ~ GG

  3. Completely off subject from your post but I can't figure out how to email you :P *cough*hint*cough :P

    About your comment of the pic w/ the gnome ... harsh .. just harsh .. the gnome pic is more cute then my pic? :P

    On a slightly more serious note, glad you like the layout

  4. I'm really liking your blog so far and am hoping to read your big Inscription post soon!

  5. /giggle I tossed you an e-mail Carbon.

    Paul - Thanks for the kind words and support. That inscription post in the works, so just wait a little longer :) I've had a pretty busy raid week! My guild just downed Jaraxxus hardmode in 25 man TOC ^.^

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