Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Wrapping Up: Week Five

Hungry Like The Wolf!

Had a really interesting week. Glyph sales went way down, my usual 3-4k a day dropped to 1k. However, I managed to pull in some amazing numbers with my other markets. Just goes to show how IMPORTANT having an active roll in multiple markets is! So that when one goes bad, or has a slow week, you're still making gold in other areas.

Week's profit: 23,814g

Total: 139,113g

I farmed the pattern to make Rituals of the New Moon and had a fun little social experiment with it. -Everytime- I advertised it in trade chat, atleast one would sell. It put me into a fit of giggles to see "A buyer has been found for your auction" right after I linked it in trade chat, every. single. time.

I only took three screenshots but I sold around 50 books over the course of the week.
It's important to note that when I was not advertising the books, they hardly moved.

On a non gold related note, I finished up my Wintersaber reputation and got my Reins of the Winterspring Frostsaber!!
I started the reputation grind around 6 months ago and FINALLY got around to finishing it up.

 Sideshot because I wanted to show off my legendary mace ;)

In raiding news, My guild downed Faction Champions and were now working on the Twin Valks in Heroic 25m TOC.


  1. I had never heard of that book so I went and farmed the recipe (which took just 30 mins!). I made 10 and put 2 on the AH. I wasn't sure how to price them - I'd worked out that they'd cost me about 33G to make so tried 85G buyout. I put a shout out in /Trade at 17:00 and the first one sold at 17:02. Thanks very much for the tip.

  2. Well, I did just like you said (farmed the book, took 10 min :) and made a macro for trade channel. Everytime I shout in /2 I sell one..hehe. Thanks mate! Keep it up!

  3. Congratulations on your Frostsaber!

    I thought I'd give a whirl at getting that one while my Horde character worked on getting the Venomhide Raptor. I think anyone would agree: there's no feasible way anyone could see them as equivalent grinds. A couple opening quests, 20 dailies (pretty easycake ones, at that), 80g, 20 runecloth, 20 rugged hide and poof! raptor mount.

    So, I can appreciate what a pain in the rear the Frostsaber grind must've been (I 'gave up' on working it daily after getting halfway through Friendly!).

    Looks great with your mace. ;D

  4. Wow, thanks for mentioning those books XD You're dead right about the advertising, have just spent an hour before a raid advertising them, have sold 10 so far - almost as profitable as the JCing I do with my main, and more fun.

  5. Great thx for the book tip !
    Sold 7 today for 400 g eatch on my server ^^

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