Monday, October 5, 2009

Wrapping Up: Week Three (Woot! 100k mark)

Well, It was a hell of a week. The whole MMO-Champ Guide posting sent me into over-drive and I fought tooth and nail to keep my market. I spiked the prices of Netherbloom, Icethorn, Adders, Tiger Lily, and Deadnettle to 40-50g a stack (up from 15-20g) and then I crashed the glyph market -hard-, making it impossible for anyone without a good stock of ink to make any kind of profit. I saw around 5 "new posters" try and fail miserably to keep up with my relentless undercuts but by the weekend they all gave up. I even managed to drive out some of my older competition but I'm sure they'll be back once the herb prices settle. However, the herb market is almost non-existant, it's hella slim pickings out there. At the time of writing this theres only 1 stack of icethorn, 1 stack of lichbloom, 0 tiger lily, and like 4 deadnettle. It's been like that almost all weekend.. I've been doing an AH scan for them almost every 3 hours and found nothing. Where have all the farmers gone? You'd think they'd post by the hundreds with herb prices so high.. I'm actually going to have to go farm for herbs to keep my glyphs going since I'm running out of ink fast. The good thing about all this is Snowfall Ink is off the wall and selling like crazy. I stuck 30 singles up there for 50g ea and they all sold within the hour O.O thankyou Darkmoon Faire!

As for the enchanting mats, I didn't fight to keep that market.. I spent my time selling Vellums and twiddling my thumbs, letting the MMO-noobs do all the work. Greater Cosmics fell to 8g singular and Infinite Dust went to around 1g singular.. S'all good. Once Borean Leather spiked to 40g a stack and Cobalt around 50g, I went crazy and scooped all the enchanting mats up. I srsly bought out -everything- and then listed them at *my* prices. 4g a Dust and 20g a Cosmic, tyvm. They are still at that price today and i'm one of the only people selling. Can you say CA-CHING with me? Oh yes indeed, CA-CHING. $.$

Tons of gold went out of my pockets this week, but even more came flooding in. A "big one" was buying the last tab in my Guild Bank. 5k gold sink that I can't "technically" make back, but pays for itself in convenience and time spent.

Week's profit: 15,446g

Total: 107,735g

The night before the Inscription guide was posted I made some major changes to the way I handle my glyphs, I'll write about what I did and how it enabled me to be -ruthless- this past week. You can expect that post sometime later this week.

As always, GL out there!


  1. Congrats! I'm currently stuck at the 10,000 gold wall :-\ any pointers for those looking to push past it?

    I already have a 6 slot guild bank, epic flying / northrend flying etc.

    The only "major" expense I've had lately was working up Tailoring on one of my alts... and another profession may be following in suit shortly.

    Other than those expenses (and materials) what would you suggest I do?

  2. Oooo sounds like a very good week for you indeed! You made (and look to still be making) a killing off enchanting mats.

    Can't wait to see your glyph posts :)

  3. Great week! I tried my best to do the same and came out of the week about 3k up. Not bad for me. I get about 2 hours a day on average to play.