Sunday, October 25, 2009

NI HAO!!!!

So today is the BEST DAY EVER!! Wanna know why? Well, it's because I got my first hate tell! AND ITS A FRIGGIN DOOZY! It's from my biggest competitor. I do more PVP on the AH with this guy than all the other sellers combined. He was the largest glyph seller on the server until I moved in. I guess hes not to happy with me ^_^. Also, my guild bank is named Ni Hao which is where all the racist comments are stemming from.

So, I log in after the big AH crash and re-post all my glyphs for 50g. I had just finished with my 3rd alt when TGM (theglyphman) logs on so I hop back on over to my mage which is my first poster and I prepare for the war when he sends me this tell:

( Yes, I edited out my char's names because i'm a pussy. Sorry wingman )

He promptly put me on ignore so I can't reply >.< Ofcourse I'm not going to stand for that so I hop on my Original poster, the bank alt that I used to post all my glyphs before I switched the 3 alt system. and I whisper him this:

Okay, it's all cool and dandy, I write up a GM ticket saying he harrased me and made racial slurs against me. GG for him. I finish up the ticket and log on my Shaman poster. As SOON as I log on I get this from him:

I undercut him, repost and hop on my Paladin and get this:

Open up 2 more tickets, cancel and repost and go on my merry way ^_^



  1. It's nice to see you taking it well, keeping up your spirit. It's horrible how angry some people get at times.

    I've only gotten one hate-tell so far, and we ended up becoming friends after. I feel lonely at the AH at times =D

  2. Ha. Funny stuff. Hope the GM bans his ass.

  3. WOW, not too bright on their part. I would have done the same thing, undercut them. You obviously have hit a sore nerve, a shame they don't know how to interact with others on the internet civilly.

    Oh by the way, my daughter loves the show Kai'Lan. She says 'Ni Hao' a lot. :)

  4. He's losing it and getting desperate. Keep undercutting him and he will be out of your face, banhammer or not :)

  5. Would be terribly funny if he did get banned thus defeating any chance he had of playing your efforts sensibly.

    Methinks you may have won the war afore it begins. Keep us posted mate.

  6. if he does get banned, expect him to go kamikaze on you. He may drive prices to copper in hate. I think you already won this war. So just hang in as he exits the market. It could be the strongest attack you have ever seen but all he is doing is clearing his inventory. So keep that in mind.

  7. Let us know if your competitor is banned.

    lol good read

  8. Getting your competitiors angry and make them say stupid stuff is often one of the best ways to get rid of them.

  9. Hey I'm starting with glyphselling on D'maw, but what is your average time with glyphs not being undercutted? Mine are like undercutted every hour (not all of them but most of the time 10 - 30% of my glyphs).
    Is there also a way to post all glyphs that are in my bags at once with a 1 copper undercut? i have to drag them now to the frame one by one and does auto undercut

    thank you

  10. ano,
    use batch posting from the auctioneer addon.

  11. Anonymous -
    I use QuickAuctions2 for batch posting, it takes alittle bit of of setting up but nothing posts faster than it :)

    and average time without getting undercut is probably 30 mins on my server >.<

  12. i configured QA2 now and wow this is great!! i love it. now people need to buy my stupid glyphs (not so high lvl yet :() :P

    And good job on this blog. Keep up this good work I enjoy reading it.

  13. Thankyou and goodluck to you! If you have any more questions on anything please don't hesitate to ask :)

  14. I have suggestions for your next alts/banks/whatever just to keep the theme.
    Im sorry if you already knew this:
    Zaoshanghao (Good morning)
    Wanshanghao (Good evening)

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