Monday, October 12, 2009

Wrapping Up: Week Four

Wow, four weeks.. It's hard to believe I've been doing this for a month already! How time flies while you're having fun and getting filthy rich ey? hahahas ;) Since I started writing HTC I've pulled in around 60,000g. Now, when say I've "made" 60,000g that is pure liquid. That's what sitting in my personal Guildbank.. That's pure profit baby ;D Now if I count how much gold is tied up in mats and in the AH, it's close to 100k. I also have around 30k on my main, and 20k on my "buyer".

I don't even want to begin to count how much I've SPENT, lol. Not just on mats, but on trivial shit. Like, vanity pets.. I'm a sucker for vanity pets. I know I've spent about 4k on them since I started this.. /guilty. Then there's the cost of having two characters that raid every week! That's repair bills, flasks, gems, enchants, spellthread, belt buckle, etc x2! I'm not a casual raider either, by any means. On my priest I do 25 Heroic/Normal TOC, 10 man Heroic/Normal TOC, 10/25 Ony, 10/25 VOA, 10 man Ulduar hard modes and I also do the heroic daily everyday. WHEW! The druid usually only does 25 TOC, Ony and VOA. I'm also getting into PVP more, so that's -another- set of gear I get to gem and enchant.

Hmm, lets see.. What else do I spend a lot of gold on? Oh! Dash. Dash is my bestfriend in RL and in WOW. He's the one who got me into wow and I adore him <3 but, adoration is expensive /giggle. He's currently going for his "Insane" achievement (pfft, copy cat) so I'm helping him out a lot with that. I buy the librams anytime I find them on the ah, they go from 50-100g. I buy low level herbs to mill into Rogues Decks so he can turn them in, I nab Pristine Black Diamonds whenever I see them up for 60g or less and whenever I try to make a few nobles decks to sell, he gets all the "trash" cards (anything thats not a noble).
 If I were a stingier player, I'm sure i'd be much closer to my goal, but raiding and friends are the most important aspects to the game for me. I guess I will never truly be a "goblin" since I view my gold as an enabler to have more fun.

This weeks profit is pretty pathetic, I've made more in a day before than I did this entire week.. but if I factor in that I spent over 10k it makes me feel better ;)

Week's profit: 7,564g

Total: 115,299g

Had a great great raid week, in 25 man Heroic TOC We ONE SHOT the beast encounter, busted open the loot pinata that is Jaraxxus and then hit a brick wall with faction champs.. mann that fight is rough! lol, good thing I'm a glutton for punishment and like progression fights ;) In 10 man my group went back to Ulduar and fought Algalon again.. and beat him! Woot Starcaller! /happy achievement whore dance


  1. Damn you and your Starcaller! Congratulations ;) We're currently struggling in ToC25 HC, and nowhere near 1shotting the Beasts encounter like you did. I'm just glad I enjoy progress fights, because we've been going at it like crazy :p

  2. You have time to raid? You're obviously not taking this gold making seriously enough :)

    and Grats on Starcaller

  3. "That's pure profit baby ;D"

    There still has to be some opportunity cost, right?

    Still, when they lie in your bank long enough, I prefer to "forget" the opportunity cost :)

  4. Siretu - Yeah, theres always that damn oppurtunity cost, lol.