Thursday, November 5, 2009

Wrapping Up: Week Seven

I've been a badddd girl, in more ways than one! Obviously I've been bad since it's Thursday and I'm JUST now doing last week's totals. It's also been a week since I last posted.. Naughty naughty Tella!

Week's Profit: 14,656g

Total: 155,070g

The other reason I was bad is those numbers should be a lot higher. I had an -awesome- selling week, but I also dropped a shit ton of gold on some vanity items. Mainly, a Hyacinth Macaw I was watching on the AH for awhile.. He was at 30k then 25k then 20k.. Then I saw him being advertised in trade chat for 10k and I couldn't resist any longer so I snatched him up ^_^ For those of you that don't know, hes one of the rarest vanity pets in the game.. He has an absurdly low drop rate.

I also bought a Twilight Drake from my guild for 4kg. I've been wanting that mount since my guild first got Sarth 3D back in February. Most of the people that won the mount back then with lucky rolls either quit the game, or weren't really deserving IMO. We eventually stopped doing 3D and moved onto bigger and better raid instances. So when my GM decided to go back to make some guild funds by selling the mount, I finally got one of my own ^_^ I'm sad that I have a 310 mount now and this guy won't get used much, but he sure is gorgeous when I do use him!

That ends my bad streak, I promise I'll try to post more. I have some ideas for posts, it's just hard to get started. Once I start writing, the rest just flows, but getting that kick start is rough.

Have I ever mentioned that I have the best GM and friend (Dash) in the world? We farmed the shit out of Headless Horseman with around 11 summons a day. We got ONE mount and they gave it to me /blush. That brings my mount total to 98. Only two more to go for the Mountain o' Mounts achievement!


  1. Haha Tella, you must be doing some really great things with your server's AH because after spending 10kg on a vanity pet you still profited 14kg+!

    I'm sure you have some very good ideas to share and we're all very anxious to hear them, so get to posting! :)

  2. Congratulations on all the new vanity stuff! I'm no longer a collector myself but I know just how exciting it can be to add new stuff to your collection :)

    And Paul is right..get posting, your blog is insightful and interesting, you just need to post more!!!

  3. Gratz on all your mounts ^^
    I dont know enough people that want to help me :<

  4. What about that awesome person who beasted that 10 man drake roll for you? :<

    Needless to say, I think you made said person a very sad panda indeed.

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