Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Wrapping Up: Week Eleven

Week: 23,073g

Total: 228,531g

I'm finally up to a 20 stack of every glyph, really enjoying not having to craft as often. I'm posting 4 of every glyph up for 48 hours and using a cancel all macro every other day to keep my prices "current". I'm only checking for undercuts three times a day now so I've really cut down how much time I spend on Glyphs as a whole.

I saw Wayvie log one once the other day however he didn't crash my prices and TGM is nowhere to be found. Life is pretty good right now ^_^. There are still a few people posting but not as much anymore, I've pretty much ran everybody out.

Snowfall was moving like crazy this week, sold around 3 stacks for about 500g a stack :X
Armor/Weapon Vellums, Offhands and Wolf Books are doing great!

My little blue-quality gem market is chugging along, making around 1k a day. Posting in 12h intervals, 2 gem cuts at a time, and not checking for undercuts. I'm also only posting "popular" cuts, not even bothering with some of the rarer ones.

Autumn's Glow: Brilliant, Mystic, Quick, Rigid, Smooth, Thick
Scarlet Ruby: Bold, Bright, Delicate, Fractured, Runed
Twilight Opal: Glowing, Mysterious, Purified, Shifting, Sovereign
Monarch Topaz: Accurate, Durable, Etched, Glinting, Inscribed, Luminous, Potent, Pristine, Reckless, Resolute, Veiled, Wicked
Sky Sapphire: Solid
Forest Emeralds get cut and vendored.

I'm thinking about posting them more frequently and maybe getting into Epic gems, However there are a couple of issues there that I'll address in another post.

Scrolls are really flying off the shelves, I'm still able to make great money through the 'Saronite Shuffle' even though Infinite Dust is dirt cheap. By selling scrolls, I'm able to mark up the prices of dust to about four times of what it's worth ;) Not to mention the Abyss, Dream Shards and Cosmics!

Boots: Greater Fort, Icewalker, Superior Agility, Greater Assault, Tuskarr's Vitality
Bracers: Greater Assault, Major Stamina, Superiror Spellpower
Chest: Exceptional Resilience, Powerful Stats, Super Stats
Cloak: Major Agi, Superior Agi, Greater Speed
Gloves: Crusher, Exceptional Spellpower, Greater Assault, Major Agility
Weapon: Berserking and Exceptional Spellpower

Linens N' Things
Netherweave Bags are selling good as always. I've also started with Frostweave Bags, and they sell suprisingly well! It's a great way to get rid of that extra Infinite Dust, and with how dirt cheap it is now, theres a lot of profit to be made.

Prices on my server..
60 Frostweave Cloth: 18g
12 Infinite Dust: 24g
2 Eternium Thread: 4.8g
= 46.8g a bag

I've been selling them from 65 to even 80g!

A couple of weeks ago I made a whole bunch of shirts and tuxedos and stuck em up on the AH for 15g a shirt and 40g for a Tux Shirt/Jacket/Pants. Well, they moved slowly, but they did move. I had to recraft another batch of them last night because I was almost sold-out :) Tuxedos sell really well to bank alts and the Wrath Lumberjack shirts sell great. Pink, Lavendar and Orange Mageweave shirts do well and the 'Orange Martial Shirt' sells super fast.

Well, thats my market update for the week, sorry for the wall of text!

As always, Goodluck out there!


  1. Really great post. This is exactly what I'm looking for in goldmaking blogs.
    It provides solid information on how you're earning your money. You even post the specific scrolls and cuts, which is of great help!
    Thank you.

  2. +1 Great Informative Post

  3. Get two alts with Alchemy and transmute 3 forest emeralds to the epic gems. Sell as either uncut or cut.

  4. Really nice post. Thanks :)

  5. Would love more info on your rare gem business, I've been trying to figure out how to make decent profits in there on my server. You say you post 2 cuts at a time in 12-hr intervals, are you posting them for 12 hrs? how many of each of those cuts are you putting up? What are you selling them for? I didn't see any info on your gem business in previous posts, but i might have just missed it.
    Great post, all around, btw. Keep up the great work, I love your blog.

  6. Nice post! I love how you made a rundown of what you have been selling! I'm pretty big on selling enchanting scrolls now as well as everything else and I recommend 2H - Massacre, Staff - Greater Spellpower, 1H - Mighty Spellpower and 2H - Accuracy. I was skeptical about them but they move pretty well, the staff enchant moves the slowest but I can usually sell 4-5 a week at 150-200g profit a piece. I sold 3 Massacre scrolls yesterday alone at 175g profit a piece!

    I'm actually having trouble keeping up on Abyss Crystal stock. What do you recommend for that? I spam as much as I can in trade, I don't go over 40g each, they are usually 45-50g on the AH.

  7. As usual, great post! Congrats again on hitting the cap!

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