Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Wrapping Up: Week Fifteen

This Week: -814g
Total: 409,155g

Yikes! Negative gold. Yuuuck. I actually made a decent amount of gold this week, but spent way more than I should have. Christmas combined with time constraints, family issues and Blizzard being douchey really cut into my earnings.

This week I spent..
15k on Christmas presents (Few Portable Holes)
I made my priest the new Legs and Booties from ICC..
26k on Primordial Saronite
5k on Moonshroud
Plus enchants and gems for a lot of new gear I got in ICC 25
= Around 48kg
So I actually MADE 48k this week and then spent it on crap ;D

A few days before Christmas my Grandma was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer and then she had surgery on the 26th. I've been spending most of my time at the hospital with her, coming home for a few hours at night to sleep and then going back. I've gotten a little bit of time to repost and then I was able to raid on Sunday night, but other than that no WOW for me!

Also on the 24th I received a "Account Action Notification -- Exploitative Activity Found" e-mail and my account was suspended for 72 hours.
"This suspension happened because one or more characters on the account were identified exchanging, or contributing to the exchange of, in-game property (items or gold) for "real-world" currency. This exchange process negatively impacts the World of Warcraft game environment by detracting from the value of the in-game economy. "

YEAH RIGHT. I also received a message from Battle.net saying my password had been reset o.O So I called them and waited on the phone for -40- fucking minutes for a representative to speak to me. Conversation went something like this:

Tella: Hey, I received an e-mail stating my account was suspended for 72 hours due to exploitative activity and my password has been reset
Customer service rep: Well it sounds like your account security was compromised. You need to be very careful visiting webistes ----
Tella: Sorry to cut you off but I have an authenticator
Rep: Sorry, What?
Tella: I have a blizzard authenticator on my account.
Rep: Oh well then I don't think you were hacked
Tella: Uh-huh..
Rep: It looks like your account was flagged due to a foreign IP. Have you shared your authenticator with anyone?
Tella: No, that's me. I'm visiting family in the Republic of Panama for the holidays.
Rep: Oh I see, well I'm very sorry your account was flagged, when we see large transactions occurring on an account with a foreign IP we flag them for suspicious activity.
Tella: Large transactions.. Lol, I make quite a few of them everyday, that's normal activity for my account. I have over 400k in my personal guild bank.
Rep: *tick tick tick* Yes, I see that. Well, I'm going to ask a GM to take a look at this and I'm sure we'll have your account back to you and running in no time.
Tella: Uh.. it's the day before Christmas and there was a 40 minute wait to even speak to you..
Rep: *laughs* I'll mark it urgent
Tella: Thanks!

Long story short, the suspension was lifted the next day. I was really happy they got it taken care of so quickly, but still a little pissed that I had to "Do time without committing a crime". This is actually the SECOND time I've been wrongfully accused by Blizzard. The first time was a major hassle, I was suspended for a the full 72-hour period and THEN my account was cleared. They credited my account with time, but it was still fucking bullshit. Slam down the ban-hammer without fully investigating the situation. GG! Those e-mails were actually pretty interesting, I'll let you guys read them..

Account Action: 72 Hour Suspension
Offense: Bug Exploitation
Details: Intended Exploitation of game bug

A user of the above account has recently been involved in actions deemed inappropriate for the World of Warcraft by the In-Game Support staff of Blizzard Entertainment. This decision was made after a thorough investigation of the situation as a whole. During the course of our investigation, we discovered that the character listed above had received item(s), experience, or money obtained through exploitation.

I received an account suspension notice due to "Intended Bug Exploitation" however, I did not exploit the bug. A bunch of guildmates of mine were also suspended because they did partake in exploiting the bug. Apparently there was a bug with the Coren Direbrew boss that you could do 25 dailys and then repeatedly summon him, giving infinite chances at a mount drop or other items. I did 25 dailys on my character, but did not go to Blackrock Depths to summon the boss. Please check your logs and see that my character did not enter that instance that day and that I did not partake in the summoning bug or any other "bugs, hacks, or cheats"

Thank you for your follow-up email regarding the account. This account was actioned after a Blizzard Entertainment investigation produced evidence indicating the account participated in abusing a known issue with the Coren Direbrew encounter, which allowed players to repeatedly kill the seasonal boss in a single instance. Upon further review, we have determined that our original findings were accurate and the action was in line with our current policies.

At this point I'm like FUCK it. These fuckers want to accuse me of shit I didn't do but I have no way of proving my innocence so what the fuck ever. I did my time, 72 hours with no WOW /wrists. A few days AFTER my suspension I recieved this e-mail from them:

We are contacting you in regards to a recent account action. After a thorough review of the matter, the account action has been removed from the account and any items removed have been restored.

Additionally, we have credited the account with 7 days of free game time. This time credit should appear under the Billing section on your Account Management page within the next 72 hours.

......... /grumble mumble *takes the 7 day credit and pouts*

Anyway guys, sorry for the wall of text. Hopefully next week's report will be much cheerier!

Enjoy the holidays!
<3 Tella


  1. Another 50k week, congrats. Spent a whole lot on saronite myself before the melee rush begins on January 5th.

  2. Sorry to hear about your grandma, I hope everything works out. I'm also working on stocking up on Primordial Saronite, hopefully it pays off. By the way, wall of text in your blog = a good thing!

  3. very sorry to hear about your grandma and i hope everything turns out well.

    still managed to pull out another 50k~ aswell!

    its always nice to have the best gear tho :P

  4. Hey I was wondering, what do you do with all your excess snowfalls?

  5. Wait, what, only 40 minutes? Though, to be fair, I cannot do that in one go here, as you get cut off after 20 minutes. Every time. Tried from 3 providers, spanning 3 countries. That is, if you can get through, or if their machine responds to DTMFs, or if the connection isn't incredibly bad. Not that after around 3-4 hours of international calls I got them to accept my money, which leaves me with the interesting issue of how I'm going to pay for my account in the future... *grumbles* No, I'm not in the least pissed off at Blizzard, no. At least they gave me a solution: "since we cannot fix our system so you can pay, do go buy the box yourself". End of rant.

  6. I love getting banner for making too much gold...

  7. Gota love blizzard... your guilty until proven innocent...

    Hope your Grandma gets better, I just dealt with similar issues with my grandma.

  8. Don't feel so bad about your spending. I made 34K this week, and spent 82K. Either way, the whole point of having gold is being able to spend it amiright? Love the blog, keep it up. I'm sure you'll hit a mil before too long.

  9. I enjoy your blog because I'm at a similar place in my gold-making activities. I'm at 415k gold, but I bought my guildmates lumps of coal instead of portable holes. Actually, I was inspired to go for double gold cap after reading your blog!

    So I was wondering--are you planning to go for a triple cap next? I'm thinking I might just go hog wild and buy a bunch of stupid things for my main and alts and sit at 1x cap till Cata.

  10. I'm so sorry about your grandmother. I hope it all turns out well. I'm glad to see that you can still make bucketloads of money even while having a life :). I honestly can't understand how you make about 50k/week, but I guess that's why I'm not the one writing a goldmaking blog.

    Any new years goals/resolutions? I'm really looking forward to your upcoming video series. Keep up the good work!

  11. That's quite a few setbacks.
    Best wishes to your grandmother.
    I've actually been reading more of those "Violation or Exploitation found" for people with large bankrolls. Simply because they move a lot of gold in a short amount of time. To me it seems kinda silly that Blizzard doesn't check if an account just has a lot of gold and is able to transfer it around. I can understand it though when they see a foreign ip pop-up on an account doing large transactions that it automatically suspends it. Still, should be easier to get it cleared.

    Anyways, good luck with continuing your endeavours in 2010.

  12. How did you manage to contact a Blizzard customer service rep? I can only find an email address for the account admin in the US. My account has also been banned for 72 hrs for "exploitation", and I have no idea why. I emailed them and they gave me the exact same response, saying I was banned for "exploitation" without telling me what I actually did.

  13. William-
    Billing and Account services: 1-800-592-5499

    gl hun <3

  14. Thanks for the number, but I've tried calling that line on multiple occasions and every time it says "all the operators are currently busy so call back another time". Instead of putting me on hold... they just disconnect me, wtf? It's already past my 72 hr period and I'm still banned, now I'm getting pissed.