Saturday, December 5, 2009

Q&A: Saronite Shuffle

Q: My question - well, request - would be for just a basic and simple explanation of the Saronite Shuffle. I think I know what it is, but nowhere have I ever found a simple, step-by-step 'This is what you do' guide.

A: Simple step-by-step guide INC! ;D

1. Prospect Saronite Ore

2. Cut and sell the Blue-quality Gems on the AH
Popular cuts that I use are:
Autumn's Glow: Brilliant, Mystic, Quick, Rigid, Smooth, Thick
Scarlet Ruby: Bold, Bright, Delicate, Fractured, Runed
Twilight Opal: Glowing, Mysterious, Purified, Shifting, Sovereign
Monarch Topaz: Accurate, Durable, Etched, Glinting, Inscribed,
Luminous, Potent, Pristine, Reckless, Resolute, Veiled, Wicked
Sky Sapphire: Solid
Forest Emeralds get cut and vendored

3. Combine Chalcedony, Bloodstone, Sun Crystal, and Huge Citrine with x2 Crystallized Earth to create Crystal Chalcedony Amulet, Bloodstone Band, Sun Rock Ring and Crystal Citrine Necklace.
Bloodstone and Chalcedony can also be used in making Skyflare Diamonds.
Huge Citrines are also used in Jade Dagger Pendants and Earthsiege Diamonds

4. Dark Jade can be made into Jade Dagger Pendants and Earthsiege Diamonds.
Usually I just cut the Dark Jade and Shadow Crystals and sell the normal and perfect cuts to a vendor.

4 1/2: Green-quality gems are also used in the JCing Dailys and Icy Prisims. Keep some for your own use and check the AH prices before you D/E them! I'm able to sometimes sell Chalcedony, Dark Jade and Shadow Crystals for 7g+ on the AH :)

5. Disenchant all the rings and necklaces

6. Put enchanting mats on AH or make into scrolls.

"On many servers, the returns from selling the enchanting mats pay for the ore allowing the blue quality gem cuts to be pure gravy." - Wingman

The ever-lovable WOW millionaire, Zamboni, made an -awesome- graph on the JMTC forums all about the Saronite Shuffle :)
Go check it out at:


  1. If only I could sell Shadow Crystals for 7g. I just cut and vendor them, since they won't go even for 1g on the AH.

    Another useful thread on JMTC is this: , from where you can get a spreadsheet to help you evaluate your profits based on your auctioneer data.

  2. Thanks very much; that's incredibly helpful :D


  3. Thanks very much for the tip!
    Since last Wednesday I went to another server. I went from 1500 alliance to 13.000 alliance.
    And MAN! That server is Awesome!
    My gems sell like mad. Only this weekend I made a roughly 7500G Epic gems sell like crazy.

    Thanks for this post. Now I know a thing to do with all the prospecting crap.