Monday, December 7, 2009


I decided to 'spruce up the blog's template last night.. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out!
I was debating on whether to make the switch to dark-on-light, but I like my blue and black theme so I decided to keep it. Sorry to all you light-on-dark haters!

Did you know that when you switch to a non-standard blogger template it makes you re-do all your little widget thingies? >.< I have to re-do my huge blog-roll /le sigh. Meh, I guess it was due for an update anyway. I know there's quite a few new blogs on the scene, if you know of one that I've missed or if you're an author and would like some link love let me know! I like to use my blog roll as a ghetto RSS reader, kek.

Anyway, tell me what you think about the new look!

Hope you guys had a great weekend <3


  1. oooo very nice layout :) nice and stylized.

    maybe you could put my blog on your blogroll ? no worries if you cant. yours has been on mine since i made it :)

    looking forward to more tips :)

  2. I like it - it keeps the light on dark, but it's a bit more stylish.

    And I would hope that I'd be on your blogroll by now ;)

  3. Thanks for keeping me on your blog roll :)

    The layout is a bit "Retro" for me, but it is simple and not cluttered which I like.

  4. The new layout looks good Tella!

  5. I find dark gray/black backgrounds to be so much friendlier to my eyes, so... <3 !

  6. Thanks guys! <3 Added Veliaf's and Liam's blogs, keep em coming guys ;)

  7. Love the new layout! Very clean.. way better than other wow blogs out there!

  8. Eh. The other one was wider, I think? Nobody browses on 800x600 anymore, but most blogger themes seem to assume you do. :-(

  9. I toiled on this same issue for my blog, but I see that most blog readers use an RSS feeder these days that just sees your text. Its kinda sad that most folks miss out on seeing the completed look of a blog the way an author intended.