Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Wrapping Up: Week Twelve

 I had the most amazing week..
I managed to accomplish something important in every aspect of WOW that matters to me.
In raiding, my guild went back to Ulduar and we got our Ironbound Proto Drakes.
My 10 man group got A Tribute to Insanity and I came out with gourgeous pony and an amazing cape.
In PVP, I got to 1769 with a new 2s partner.
In Achievement Whoring, the Iron-bound pushed me to the 100 Mount mark, landing me
Mountain o' Mounts and a pretty Dragonhawk. 

Most importantly, atleast to this blog ;D, I set a new record of gold made in a week!

Week: 43,079g

Total: 271,610g

(Numbers do NOT reflect patch day sales.)

If WOW ended right now, I could leave thoroughly happy and satisfied, and that's a great feeling  :)

<3 Tella


  1. Hey Tella,

    Have You used same tactics to make this impressive 40k/week? Or You introduced something new, we dont know yet? ;)

  2. Do you play on US realms? If so, does by: (Numbers do NOT reflect patch day sales.) mean in the US the patch has already been released? (In the past US always was 1 day ahead of the EU, but I haven't played for quite a long time so...)

    If yes, was there any big raise in price for all those borean leathers, infinite dust etc? ^^


  3. Congratulations on, well, everything there :D

    43k is a very impressive amount!

  4. Nice job! Thats a very impressive week! Its hard for me to gauge how I've been doing because I keep spending gold on various things! It would be much easier if I didnt want to gear out my fresh level 80 alt that just dinged!

  5. 40kg in a week? Impressive, just impressive.

  6. Congrats! I absolutely love this blog, it's like reading an evolving journal/story. I can't wait till you hit 1,000,000 gold and look back at where you started :)

  7. How much did you spend this week?

  8. Anon -
    Same old tactics! :D

    Yves - I play on a US server, and no at the time it had not been released. I posted that note for people looking back on this blog and noticing the big number so they wouldn't think it was due to patch day sales, those are for next Tuesday!

    Veliaf, Jeff, Khass, Paul - Thanks a ton guys!

    MARKCO(zomg /squee) -
    That means a TON coming from you, thanks so much! I can't wait either btw ;D

    Cameron -
    Around 15k spent.


  9. This actually makes me feel pretty depressed that i spend so much time grinding and never going over ~6k

    Great work though but you make me feel stupid D: