Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Wrapping Up: Week Nineteen

Week Eighteen Breakdown
I got a -ton- of requests to break down my numbers from last week and show which markets the gold came from. Unfortunately, I don't have sufficient data to tell you -exactly- where it came from since I pretty much post everything except glyphs from one alt. However, I can do a pretty decent guesstimate by how much stock I started with and how much I  had to restock.

Epic Gems: 20,000g
Blue Gems: 5,000g
Glyphs: 10,000g
Arrows/Bullets: 5,000g
Misc:  15,000g
(Misc = Bags, Shirts, Flasks, Belt Buckles, Enchant Scrolls, Leg Armor, Enchanting rods, and other random stuff)

Week Nineteen
From now on I'll try to keep better "bookkeeping" and do a breakdown of every week for you guys.

Week: 32,946g

Total: 586,753

Compared to last week, those numbers are poopy. Glyphs and Gems did decent but I hardly made anything off of my other markets. It was due to quite a dry spell in raw materials, which meant I couldn't restock very well. Frost Lotus are up to 70g a pop on my server and I ran out of my reserves so no flask posting, I'm out of belt buckles, I have 0 saronite ore left, and netherweave cloth is almost non-existent.

Now, you might be wondering how I let everything run so low to the point of empty.. I HAD three guild banks FULL of stock, but with hardly any farmers and having 50k weeks in profit, your stock dwindles reeeaally quickly. I can't tell you how much I'm kicking myself for not taking advantage of raw materials when they were cheap and plentiful on the AH. I really need to start buying everything I can while the goings good, so I can ride it out when the goings DRY.

Epic Gems: 15,000g
Blue Gems: 2,000g
Glyphs: 9,000g
Arrows/Bullets: 2,000g
Misc: 4,000g

This week I'm going to concentrate on getting ready for the next Arena season which is due to drop very soon (PROBABLY NEXT WEEK!) Which means stocking up on +Resil/Stam Gems, Enchants, Glyphs, and Patches! I might even have to go farm a bit (EEWWWWW) for some saronite.

GL guys!

- Tella


  1. What exactly are you doing with epic gems to make so much? I mean, I buy them when they are low (dreadstones@100) and I use my badges to buy the offcolor, and honor to buy solid color to cut and sell as well. Should I be looking for titanium ore to buy as well? I have not been able to get it in bulk yet for less than 220, which doesn't seem worth it given the chance to get epic gems from a prospect.

  2. ah perfect, exactly the kind of breakdown I was hoping for.

    I wanted to get your opinion if you have time to read a post, how similar or different is your jewelcrafting strategy from this:

  3. What? Farm? No you must resist! Your numbers seem fairly close to mine proportionally with epic gems being the biggest source of income. But on my server raw gems are slowly becoming the same price as cut gems. So for me at least this market is slowing down.

    And like I always say, stockpile until your eyes get flooded! Markets won't up and crash over night for no reason. Usually a patch or an advance warnign hotfix will let you know of any potential changes you'll have to deal with.

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  5. accidently deleted lol .

    basicly was just asking where do you get all of your epic uncut gems from ?

  6. Amazing to read about how much gold you are making. Here I thought when I had somewhere around 25k in the BC days that I was the richest guy in the game.

    I no longer really play the game, but I always did enjoy farming the AH.

  7. There used to be a program you could run that would extract your Beancounter data into a spreadsheet that would allow you to manipulate and make your own "sales reports" essentially, but I haven't been able to get it to work in a long time, and the originator of the program couldn't help me either.

    However, I can tell you that I've made 5k off of glyphs in the past week of time, because I can search "glyph", select "Alliance Data" (where my glyph seller is - or even select that character!), deselect failed auctions, outbids, etc... only showing successful auctions. And it'll show me all my successfuls, and give me the total. I may be able to alter the time frame it gives info for - but sometimes, as all addons, Beancounter gets a hiccup and loses data.

  8. I have the same problem in which I always get scared when I get a huge order of Saronite in and I see my gold dwindle.

    When you say Bags, what specifically? I've been dealing in Netherweave but what other ones should I try?


  9. do you camp the AH for gems?

    i do mass market glyphs and get similar number you are getting. with the listing costs and undercutters on gems i am hesitant to post in the quantitis you must need for those sorts of numbers.

    if you camp both glyphs and gems i can see being able to get those sorts of numbers. how much margin are you making on gems, glyphs, enchants etc?

  10. i could make some scripts that sort out all incoming money from the wowchatlog.txt if you enable that (with the verbose mode from postal2). I'm thinking to make that for myself too, so i can see where i make some money actually :p.

    Let me know if you are interested.

  11. Yeah, the margin between raws and cut has definitely shrunk on my server. Can nearly get the same margins from blue gems. Here's to hoping S8 revitalizes the market.

  12. Man i love Reading your Blog every week, i just wish it was more like daily! anyways, keep up the Great work, you inspired me to make my own Blog from 1-80 and futher more, Id love to chat to you some time, Oh well! Good luck and keep up the Great work.

  13. I'm sorry to say, but after reading this blog for months, I just removed the link from my toolbar. GL Tella, thanks for the ride. Hopefully in a few months I'll accidentally get to here and notice some activity :/

  14. I found the link to your blog while reviewing justmytwocopper. I read through from week one to current and only one thing comes to mind. Awesome!!! I am totally blown away by the numbers you are pulling in.

    I'm going to do some more research and try my hand at making some gold myself. Granted a lot of what I initially read was dolphin speak at this point but boy, you make me want to give it a try. Current gold. 6k. Goal, 25k. Baby steps, of course (and I want my traveler's mammoth).

    So anyways, excellent job and keep at it!!!

  15. Sucks that you ran outta stock =[

    My friend is controlling a few markets and I am doing alot of grinding(Mine/herb) on single char. Making alot of money from each other.

    Hopefully you could find someone like me who can grind for hours without worry ^^ It's fun, honest! ;D

  16. great site, but wtb update QQ

  17. Yeah love the site but waiting on posts :(

  18. I really need tips on making gold. At the moment I have about 6300G under my name with 3500G under my brother's(we share an account). The only capped professions I have are cooking, fishing, and mining. However I would like to learn to play the AH to save time because farming did not seems efficient(Sholazar mining). If you could make one of the helpful videos on AH playing it would be extremely helpful. My main is Aragornoth on Mannoroth if you ever have time to contact me (just in case).

  19. u stop update or something?

  20. I'm sure there's a reason, if she was going to stop blogging I'd say she'd right a farewell post.

  21. It's mainly because on most servers the prices of most raw/crafted materials has gone down the drain. With the next patch and removal of CD's on most professions and availability of frost lotus, there's really not a huge profit to be made anymore. With cheap herbs comes cheap inks, and cheap glyphs (most had for 3-4g).

    At least on my server (Ghostlands) I've cashed out what I had for now, and moved to other markets, but the profit is nowhere as near as high as it used to be.

  22. sigh, guess its time to remove this site from my bookmarks :(

  23. It really is a shame, I'm gonna give it another 2 weeks :( was a great site

  24. If only she could just post something to let us know she is still keeping up with the blog.

  25. Miss you Tella. :(

  26. Marcko and co, mentioned that tella might come on there podcast, so I don't think she's gone gone just being slack.I find it hard to post sometimes. Anyway might be wise to ask on jm2c.

  27. I'm sure she's just focused on hard modes progress.

  28. Looks like its time to remove this bookmark :(

  29. With Tella gone and all..

    I started my own little blog (which will be very similar to this one). I'm picking up from around 450K. Check it out if you wish.


  30. I doubt being focused on hard modes would prevent from popping in for 2 minutes on your own blog to give quick reason why no updates have been done.
    A month and a half with no word from Tella.
    This blog is over, we can move on now.

  31. used to be a good blog, but no update at all, deleting bookmark now

  32. There is obviously something going on with Tella's life. I dont want to hear reader QQ about unsubscribing. If you want to stop your RSS feed, do it. But posting here about it is pointless.

  33. Hey everybody, this is Bigjimm from phase3profit.net. The griefing in the comments is ridiculous and stupid. Tella's work is first class, and if you don't want excellent gold advice, then feel free to unsubscribe. However, like Tyberiuss said, bitching about it here is pointless. So less qq, more stfu, and hope for tell to come back soon.

    GL! /bow

  34. Bigjimm....you're an idiot. She doesn't post advice here. It's nothing more than a ego trip of sorts. Either she plays on a server with zero competition (as it isn't possible with any sort of competition or undercutting) or she really isn't earning this gold at all. Essentially lying for the ad money.

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