Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Wrapping Up: Week Seventeen

Omg, a post that's actually on time?? No wai!

Week: 47,395g

Total: 498,474g

I'm really happy to be home again, playing lag-free is awesome sauce :)
I have a TON of restocking and crafting to do, Only 20 belt buckles left, yikes!

According to some people, for me to be successful I must..

- Bot
- Have no life
- Hold no occupation
- Be a stay at home mother that does not have the time to give her child the attention it deserves.
- Have a significant other that's very dissatisfied with me since I play games all day
- Suck at all other aspects of the game since I play the AH
- No time to raid current content at any respectable pace
- Baddie that stands in fire and paid for her gear.
- Play on a low pop server
- Have 0 competition
- Play on a "fantasy land server" with unrealistic prices and imaginary buyers.
- Have a server full of total and complete incompetent morons
- Play on a server with no other goblins
- Fake it

Those are all quotes that I've gathered from people. Man, for all that to be true I must be a pretty awesome person! I'm gunna try to make myself less awesome and fix some of these..

- I don't bot.
- I actually do have a life, *gasp*!
- No occupation is correct! Yay the economy blows, been job hunting for almost a year now WOOT!
- No kids. Thankgod!
- My boyfriend plays WOW with me :)
- I'm  amazing at PVE. period. and my highest arena rating for this season was 1800, pretty sucky but I hardly ever PVP.
- My guild is in the Top 500 for the US in 25m progress according to GuildOx
- My guild runs on DKP, we do not sell gear. I have never bought gear drops from my guild (or any other). The only things I've bought from them are mounts, patterns, and mats. I've only died in a fire ONCE in WOW and that was when I DC'd in a flame patch :)
I earned my gear, I earned my legendary.
- I play on a medium population PVP server.
- I have PLENTY of competition, in every market that I'm in. Cannot go 5 minutes without being undercut to hell.
- No.
- Plenty of morons, but plenty of smarty buyers and sellers as well
- There are seven other goblins on my server that play the AH everyday.
- No.

Now that that's all said and done, I can say that words are fucking cheap and all that really doesn't mean shit. SO I'm going to go prove it. I'm going to go start on a very high-pop server with 0 gold, 0 professions and 0 chars and see how far I get. I'm not going to spend much time on it, as my main is my top priority and I don't want to abandon my home market. I've moonlighted on a few other servers before and been pretty successful, so this should be fun!

All you haters can keep on hating, it just fuels me ;)

Know a server I should go to or don't want me to come to YOUR server? Lol, Let me know!

- Tella


  1. Who cares? It's not like you provide any advice or tips on how you make the gold you do you just blog-brag about it.

  2. As for the haters, /shrug. It's the internet. What can you do?

    As for the starting fresh on a new server, you've piqued my curiosity. I kinda want to race you to 10k or 20k or something like that. Any interest?

  3. Come to Uther, the server of 20 goblins selling below cost.

  4. Trolling's common among the jealous, no matter if it's being super successful in PVE, Arena, or the AH. Troll attempts amuse instead of disturb the most successful barons. Being able to laugh it off is one of the keys to staying that way. Best of luck to you on your new server.

  5. i'm going to say that i dindt bother to question your sayings here, but calling a 1800 ranking sucky and saying that you only died on a fire once while constantly doing hardcore raiding its just thinking that all your readers are stupid. Sign me out. Unsuscribing .

  6. I played on shadowmoon US for a while and the market was great. Plenty of farmers so materials are cheap, I made oodles with glyphs for very little effort (3k/day when I first started). But leave Ysera alone, I still need another ~15 days to get capped hehehe. I've done this before and, while far from easy, is definitely a load of fun.

    Sorta lets you know if you happen to be in a good position with your main or if you actually ARE good at this whole thing. Good luck!

  7. Hard to start off on a server without any characters at all... need at least one. ;)

  8. almost half way to a million now ! still im very impressed with you making almost 50K a week. im struggeling to get more than 10k a week now.

    looking forward to reading about how the new realm thing works out for you :)

    xoxo anaalius

  9. i myself have no life but wish you well i have all professions on my toons but dont use them except for jc and enc much but mske like 300g a day on dalaran server sometimes less but it doesnt matter to me

    i wish you luck

  10. I personally think a high populated server with queues in the evenings will be a good proof that you can do it. Not that I doubt about it <3

  11. Grats on your stellar week! I've been reading your blog for awhile now and I was wondering if you would go into a little detail about the addons you use. I've noticed the regular's like qa2, postal, but with all the markets you are in I figure you must be doing something that I'm not. =p

    Keep up the good work.

  12. I would think a high pop server would be easier to make gold on... the market is going more robust and mature, sure, you will have more competition - but the effect a single goblin can have on a market is very much constrained by inventory space.

  13. I run into a lot of undercutters. How do you post with them?

  14. - Have a server full of total and complete incompetent morons

    Doesnt this describe every wow server?

  15. IMO, it's -much- easier to make money on high-pop servers then low-pop ones. While the per-item profit may be lower, the volume you can sell is -much- higher. Money can be made on any server, but it can be slow going on low pop servers where there just isn't sufficient demand.

  16. For lot of people if you have more X than them then you are:
    - evil
    - disgusting
    - immoral
    - fat
    - alone with cats
    - got no love while a child
    - or you are just very-very-very lucky and has no competition
    - or just fake it all

    Welcome to the club.
    (a fellow fat, ugly, unloved, disgusting, fail-at-PvE, fail-at-PvP, lucky, liar goblin)

  17. BTW why do you have yourself on your blogroll?

  18. Dont come to dragonmaw EU, retarded goblins are selling everything lower then mats cots.. that is a reason to almost even kill them when i would have the chance..

    You are actually doing smart undercuts and not crashing markets like that retards :)

    good luck on your new project :)

  19. Congrats on the upcoming 500k mark. You've been the only other blogger I've found that seems to maintain such a high profit margin. We started fairly close in our gold schedule and you're beating me by a few percent, lol. It keeps me motivated :)
    Give the community some advance notice on which server is selected for the experiment. We could all start simultaneously there.

  20. Never mind what other people say. I always enjoyed reading your blog and watching the choices you made unfold. You inspired me to start my own hitting the cap blog as an added motivation to keep going! I can only say thanks for that :)

  21. Tella, dont let what other ppl say bother you. I think your blog is great, and im sure plenty of others do as well.
    If you really plan to go through with this I have a server suggustion.


    Its the number one raid server. Lots of ppl, and lots of competition. good luck!

  22. Gevlon- Lol is that why you hate me?

    Tella- I play with my girlfriend too, it's a blast and she's as enthusiastic about making gold as you are... it's hard to keep up!

  23. Try it on Frostmourne, Horde side. I believe the main AH goblin is Smelly. All his alts have Smelly____. Basically, from what I know first person is he's retired, and plays WoW. I'd imagine that could be a fitting challenge for you. Unless you resort to a possible lower goblin, with alot less time on their hands.

    Anyway, congratulations on 500k.

  24. Wow Tella, both Gevlon and Markco read your blog and have both dropped comments. Your epeen should be swolen substantially. On a side note can't you two just kiss and make up. The negativity is killing me... It's killing us.

  25. Illidan us-pvp. Full pop. and #1 in pve progression according to wowprogress

  26. Keep the blog going, it is inspiring and helped alot.

  27. I like reading Markco's blog and this one too but it seems really silly to me when I see people coming to their defense. I mean, you have pretty much a life goal of earning money in a video game.. and you blog about it so it's public.. I know its hard to understand for some of you but to any normal person.. this is retarded as hell. And please don't ever use the word jealous.. If you really think people are jealous of how much WoW gold you have you should really quit WoW and do something better with your time...