Sunday, June 13, 2010

Oh Shit Inscription...


"Blizzard wants to make glyphs permanent so you don't have to carry a stack of them around. Simply learn the glyph and then you can swap it whenever you want."


IF IT GOES LIVE that's going to kill a huge portion of profit from Inscription.


  1. I'm not so sure. A lot of players will want a 'full book' of glyphs. So while each player will only buy them once, it does offer new opportunities for glyphs that are currently hardly bought at all.

  2. I think they should leave inscription alone. Don't try to fix what isn't broken, Blizzard!

  3. It will totally kill the glyph industry if you ask me. Sure, there will be a buying frenzy at first, but after that it will be dead since there will be no reason to buy another.

  4. If this does kill the glyph industry, GREAT. The glyph rich quick game is lame.

  5. The only toon of mine that carries "a stack of glyphs around" is my auction mule.

    I'd always assumed that glyph profits were driven by lots of people buying a few glyphs while leveling up rather than a few people buying lots of glyphs and flipping back and forth between sets. What's the real customer profile here?

  6. Strangely, I like to open my mails by hand rather than use a bulkmail addon. However, in doing so I see the names of buyers (except where it bugs out and no name is displayed). I only recall one time where someone bought out multiples of the same glyph; I do see people buying 'sets' of glyphs, 2+ of their class, and occasionally two of the same glyph (dual spec, I figure).

    I don't post a lot at the same time, so maybe these theoretical stockpilers are buying the others from competitors. I strongly believe, however, that the guys switching back and forth between glyphs are getting them made by guild scribes by the stacks, not buying them from us on the AH. This may drop demand a bit from classes with three-plus spec types, once they learn all the needed ones.

  7. Inscription, Engineering's next of kin?

  8. TBH, I'd be glad to see it go this way. On some servers, you're better off farming/selling mats when figuring time investment vs. spending literally hours @ undercut wars with 5 auctions sellers. Although I'd laugh when I'd log onto an alt to move some bank things around and see 4 other glyph sellers furiously log on and undercut each other for hours on end. Sometimes makes you wonder what they do all day.

  9. I predict that if this does happen, all the new glyphs will be learnt by doing dailies a la JC. Which in my book, is lame.

    The truth is that the glyph market can't go on as it is now, it's quite insane - all those hours of crafting, cancelling, posting just to have one copper lower and possible sale if someone else is cancelling.

  10. I looked at the posting about this, and it seems like there is going to be more than just that change, though. It seems like there will be a HUGE influx of types of glyphs to use, and with the addition of the glyph view section, where you can see every glyph available to the class, but only can select from the ones you have, might make some people hungry to fill the list, and even some collector richies that will just fill the list for fun :)

    In addition to this, there will be a new glyph, a "fun" glyph, that will DEFINITELY be a collector set, that just about everyone will want to try and fill.

    Also, might I add, most glyph sales (for me at least) are from low level characters, which we will see a lot of in the cataclysm 'new player' influx that will happen due to all the add posting from blizzard. It doesn't seem to be an oh so evil situation, but it isn't the prettiest thing either.

    Expect a big change, but don't think blizz will let us down :) They know the situation at hand, and maybe they correctly see inscription as simply too lucrative?

  11. I don't think it will be as bad as you predict. First of all as mentioned in the comments most people will be buying every single glyph for their class. Come Cata and medium glyphs that will be 40+ if not 50+. Currently every class has 32-38 glyphs, but not all of them sell. If you think about it how many glyphs will one character buy in total with the current system? 6 for each spec which is 12 total + whatever they might change along the way due to respecs (glyphs are rarely changed on respecs anyway).

    I think a valid average of glyphs sold per character is around 15. Compare that to an average of 35 per class today and 50+ in Cata. If only 50% of chars buy all currently available glyphs we will STILL sell more glyphs than we do today. Then add medium glyphs to that.

    Initially there will be a HUGE rush on the glyph market. Then it will quite down until people start levelling alt and getting them to max level.

    At this stage in Wrath should we be able to sell as many glyphs as we do if people didn't level alts? In Cata instead of selling 6 to 12 glyph to an alt we will probably be selling 50+.

    The only thing that would make this change even better is if Blizz puts in an achievement for learning all glyphs available to your class. I just got hard thinking about that. Lets start petitioning Blizz to do that!!!