Thursday, May 13, 2010

Gold Update

Hey Guys!

I'm tired of looking of that sad little 500k sitting over there ------>
I think it's high time for a gold update!

Since last update: 330,344g
Total: 917,097g

82,903g until a mill!!

I've decided that when I hit a mill, I'm going to do a “reveal all – tell all” interview, and YOU guys get to ask the questions. Anythings up for grabs.. my server, main character, bank alts, bra size(kek) If you've ever wondered, don't be shy to ask. I won't answer anything -really- inappropriate though, so please, try not to be smartasses :-P
I'll post all your questions and my answers on the blog. 
I'll also do open invites to my guildbank and maybe post up a vent server that you can come chat with me on. 

If you have a question you'd like to ask, you can leave a comment or e-mail me at

So now, heres a question for you..
What else should I do to do to celebrate a Million?
Maybe a small party on my server with a few giveaways like choppers, epic flyers, portable holes? 
Let me know!

<3 Tella


  1. - What server do you play on!!

    - Where did you get the name Tella from? Is it your real name?

    - Why did you really stop writing?

  2. Wow almost 1 million gold. thats amazing!

    im sure will will hit that with in a month.

    Will you continue to play wow in cataclysm, if so will you carry on writing a blog ?

    xoxo anaalius

  3. Grats, you are almost there :)

  4. As far as a few questions go:

    Which professions/items earned you the most money?
    How many hours a day roughly did you devote to money making (posting, farming, crafting etc)
    Any funny or interesting stories while working your way up to a million?
    Do your guildies/friends know how much gold you have? If so how often do people bug you to "borrow" gold? :)

  5. Man oh man! Ive always wondered whats your bra size! Now I get that chance! ;D

    Anyways, early congrats on a million.

    Maybe now it's time to make "how-to" videos? Would absolutely love to see the things I read on your blog in action. Only if you have time of course.

  6. Hai!

    Grats on the million, that's a great achievment!

    Since you're inviting questions:

    Im trying to the million myself, currently at 300k, but my problem is that im not accumulating money any faster than i was at 20k, its going up at the same rate. I seem to do everything you do, except i dont make enchanting scrolls. (at the rate im going, only about 1.5k/day, i doubt im going to hit my goal before cata comes :[ )
    Any advice on how to get some expinential growth going?

  7. Have you tried flipping epics and other items? It can be a great way to make some additional income along with utilizing your professions.

  8. What's your bra size?
    What's your name IRL?

  9. Congratulation. I think you will hit your goal this or next week. I like your blog and style :).
    2 questions:
    1. How many pages on AH (in average) reports auctioneer?
    2. How many hours a day roughly did you spent to gold making activities?

  10. Q:
    1. Whats the largest gift you have given ingame?
    2. How much gold do you estimate you have given away to friends etc?

    3. Whats the worst/stupidest ingame hatemail you have recieved "LOl WaT, Joo undercut mee n00b!??!" etc? (Im always very happy to recieve these, they are like medals to let me know im doing my job right).