Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Zomg shes writing!

Zomg, can it be!? I'm doing -another- post in so short of time?! No 3 month length between posts!? NO WAI! THE SKY IS FALLING!

YES WAI! kek.

Anyway, Just wanted to say THANKYOU for all the great questions for the interview!! It's shaping up to be preeetttyy interesting! (Oh yes, I'm just that full of myself to think i'm interesting ;) )

I'm working hard to get this party started! Getting closer and closer to that mill by the day! WOOT.

Week: 27,240g
Total: 944,337g

55,663g to go!

In non-gold news, my server's Alliance side is juussst about dead. >.<. Our population has slowly been going Horde since they introduced Faction Transfers, but we got dealt a huge blow last week when the top guild on the server all decided to go Horde aswell! It fucking sucks! Even though were Top-Dog on Alliance now, all the other guilds are miles behind our progression so theres hardly any well-geared, experienced players out there to recruit. Combine that with our guild suffering a ton of people quitting/transferring and were left stuck in a rut!

The only good news about all that is with the top guild xferring, several Goblins went with them! Yaay, less fuckers to have undercuts wars with! lol.

Some more good news is I just started writing for!
You know how people always -love- to bitch about me not spoon-feeding you AH tactics and instead writing about my experiences? Well now I'm doing the opposite. I'm writing a full GOLD GUIDE on their site. So if you <3 me and want to show some of that <3 head on over to  
and say something nice!

Love you guys!
<3 Tella


  1. Cool :)

    I'll have to add their site to wow econ review.
    Gratz on the 1 million (soon)

  2. Tella, you have a terrible potty mouth... but I like it

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