Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What it takes..

The other day I was talking to a friend about my blog and I started wondering what it would take to make me want to post again. Well, I found it today.

Bigjimm....you're an idiot. She doesn't post advice here. It's nothing more than a ego trip of sorts. Either she plays on a server with zero competition (as it isn't possible with any sort of competition or undercutting) or she really isn't earning this gold at all. Essentially lying for the ad money.  "

Before I address the ludicrous part of that comment, I just want to apologize to anyone that is easily offended, blah blah, stop reading now if you are. Also yeah yeah, I shouldn't reply to people trolling. I just needed to rant and own some bitches.

ANYWAY, My style of writing has always been about what -I- do on the auction house, NOT about what YOU should do. If you want a blog outlining step-by-step instructions then by all means, look elsewhere. Theres PLENTY of them out there, let them go spoon-feed you tips. I always found reading some of them to be quite dull because theres only so many times you can tell people to..
- Sell gems
- Sell glyphs
- Belt buckles
- Netherweave bags
- Flasks
- Flip products
- Saronite Shuffle
- Enchanting Scrolls

I -could- be just like every other blog on my blog roll over there and tell you to OMFG BUY FROZEN ORBS. Or, I could tell you my personal results from stock piling over a thousand of them. Iunno, to me (probably because i'm a self indulgent bitch) sharing my experiences from it is a bit more interesting.

OKAY, onto the fun part. THE AD MONEY? Are you fucking serious? For the AD MONEY?
Heres a screen shot from my Google Adsense:

(clickz to maek biggar)
Edit: Orange'd out super secret sensitive info Google doesn't want me sharing.
-14- dollars from the ENTIRE time I've been writing this blog. I've never even finished submitting my tax information to be able to receive the check from Google.

Oh, btw, I play on a live server with plenty of competition and TONSSSSS of undercutting. I've had several people figure out who I am on my server and come up to me and ask me INGAME if I wrote Hit The Cap. Guess what? THEY READ MY BLOG AND POST AGAINST ME AND I STILL MAKE GOLD.
It's VERY possible to make gold under any circumstances. 

Kiss my fucking ass.

- Tella

PS: To all the people that still love me, I'm doing okay. I had to take a huge step back and re-evaluate my life and my priorities. Unfortunately, writing was one thing I felt needed to be cut. More than just not having the heart to do it anymore, but just not having the time to do it. I still play wow, I still raid, I still AH. Just not as much as I used to.

200k to go <3


  1. I, for one, would like to encourage you to keep writing :) Never mind the detractors- they're just jealous.

  2. Tellaaaaaaa!

    Your favorite boomkin says hai!


  3. Hey Tella, just wanted to point this out.

    You can display your Adsense earnings but you must hide the CPM and CTR rates as per Google adsense ToS.

    "You agree not to disclose Google Confidential Information without Google's prior written consent"...."(b) click-through rates or other statistics relating to Site performance in the Program provided to You"

    I'm not posting this to undermine you, just don't want to see something happen to your account in case you use it for another site or want to utilize it in the future.

    p.s. you can delete this comment after you've read it. Also.. ignore the trolls.. I've had so many but the amount that support me far outweighs them so the best way to say "fuck you" is to not even acknowledge their attempts at getting attention. They are usually very short sighted people or are just ignorant and spew out nonsense without facts.

    Good luck with getting your life sorted out.

  4. very nice to hear from you. hope you get your priorities and i hope to read another great tella post in the future.

    xoxo anaalius

  5. I enjoyed reading your stuff. I like both the how to and the look at my shiney. Keep posting Give updates at your convienance.

  6. Keep the comments coming. Trolls are trolls and usually idiots with nothing better to do. Don't forgot only a very small portion of readers will actually post comments and a smaller percentage will be trolls. I for one enjoy reading your blog. Keep it up.

  7. I would love to have you back and posting regularly.

  8. Haha, I love your last post!

    Keep it up girl!


  9. Two months without a peep, and you come back just to nerdrage at some comment troll? Early grats on a million, I guess, I wont be reading anymore.

  10. used to be good quality... sadly no more

  11. Battlestar Galactica is a good show, Tella :) Enjoy the fun of relaxing ^^

  12. I'd just like to say thank you for starting up this blog, it was my inspiration for starting up AHing on my own server. You took a lot of things that look very complex on the outside and laid out how you do them in a easy enough way to get me started. I've always enjoyed your writing style and wish you had more time to write.

    Good luck and please try to keep us a little more up-to-date than every couple months!


  13. Love the blog! Love the post! Ignore the fools, and trolls. Can't wait to read more!

    Your blog inspires me to make more gold. I see that you can do it, and so it gives me hope that, so can I.


  14. Hi, I really like all your posts and I hope you post something when you reach your miljon.

  15. I want to marry you. You just sound attractive.

  16. Glad you're back Tella <3 I also found your blog to be very helpful for more than just the AH game too. There were a lot of things I wasn't into before reading your, namely buckles embarrassingly enough. Somethings I just never thought that some idiot would actually pay 200% more than material costs.

    As to writing the 'how to' type of post, sure you can only say to go post X so much. But there's many different ways that your can post X. I do my gems and my glyphs differently from time to time depending on the market. That's what makes you good at the AH game and not a cancel/post button money.

    Besides, you never know when a small thought of yours might be a nice new angle to another AH palyer, gold capped or not.

  17. I think you're taking it too much to yourself:) Just ignore the crap sent to you, the world is full of idiots, hey, it is quite often ruled by them, hehe. I rarely come to visit here, but I like the blog, feel you're symphatetic person, your blog was the inspiration for my friend, who has lost quite much of his interest in "regular" play and started playing AH. Soon he will hit the cap by himself:) Besides if people have brains and played AH a bit they know it is possible to squeeze the money from it on thousand ways and it's not strange that someone mastered them and is making huge amounts of gold - like you.

  18. Nice to see you're still alive. I heard Markco talk about you on Call to Auction a while back, and if you find the time, I think it would be really cool if you could join him and Euripides for an episode.

    Good luck!

  19. Tella, your posts are always a pleasure to read. Thanks for taking the time to knock them out. (And thanks for sticking up for me!)

    -Bigjimm, Phase3profit.net

  20. I love the commenters who somehow think that a blog is all about them, and not all about the person who writes it. (The ones that call it an "ego" thing, or the ones that say "You've done something to make me butthurt, you lost a reader!")

    We love you, and will be here when you decide how you want to handle your priorities. And will be hoping that "continuing giving us some updates" is somewhere in the list of things that go on happening.

  21. Just as I was about to delete this blog from my favourites....

  22. Haha great post Tella. Fuck the haters. You're getting it done, not them.

  23. Hey there Tella.

    I'v spend some time reading all ur post from start to end :b And i really enjoyed it, i was trying something like what u nearly have completed now. But when i reach the 100k, i had hard to continue. After i read all ur blog i now have the spirit to continue! :)

    Keep up the good job, and dont let anyone get in ur way (;

    PS: More wtb more blog to read!:p And those "haters" can just go DIAF!:b

  24. Tella, this post was excellent. I hope that everything in your personal life is going well and back on track. If you ever want to come on the call to auction podcast let us know! :D Good luck hitting the cap, it's very exciting to watch someone going for it at such a rapid pace.

    Regarding monetizing your blog... please contact me about making money with your blog... of all the people in the wow blogosphere I'm probably the only one that can give you valuable/applicable advice. With a blog of your size you should be able to pull in $10 from google ad sales a week, as well as generate income with other methods up to the tune of $100 a week. I'm not sure how valuable making money with your blog is but I'd be happy to lend a hand.

  25. I was wondering when you'd show up, Markco :P

    Excellent post, let the haters hate and laugh to the bank while they do their dailies.

  26. Hey Tella,

    A girl with some attitude, I'm impressed. Good luck with everything. <3

    - Wingman @ JMTC Forums.

  27. I'm already looking forward to her next post in July.

  28. I hope we don't have to wait that long! :D

  29. Quick! Somebody write a troll comment about Tella so she writes another post.

  30. Hahaha.... nice post Tella! The fat space goat aproves!

  31. Not buying it. Without completely devoting your life to the AH, there is no possible way to make anywhere near your income on a populated server with competition. Feel free to continue raging, but it's simply a fact that it isn't possible.

    I find it humorous that you can't figure out how to make 100 dollars/week on your blog, but claim to have made 250,000 gold in less than 2 months.

    Course the other alternative is that you bot everything, which in that case it is entirely possible.

  32. She doesn't have a job. I guess she just devotes her entire life to making gold on WoW. Although true she could be lying, she hasn't told anybody what server she's on so we can't see how much she's actually made.

  33. For the love of god. I actually enjoy reading Tella and you trolls are driving me nuts.

    @ "Not buying it. Without completely devoting your life to the AH, there is no possible way to make anywhere near your income on a populated server with competition." & "Course the other alternative is that you bot everything, which in that case it is entirely possible."

    Seriously? I've noticed how your quick to point out how it's not possible but yet have nothing to back up your statement. I've read Tella's blog along with several others (JMTC, CSAHF, etc.) and can tell you it is entirely possible.

    What Tella is posting is what works for her on her server. Every server is different, every AH is different. You have to find what works for you, on your server, on your AH.

    I'm a baby compared to Tella but can easily bring in 1-2K a day just doing flips and netherweave/frostweave bags. You do the math. BTW, I spend roughly 1 hr a day tops at the AH.

    @ "Although true she could be lying, she hasn't told anybody what server she's on so we can't see how much she's actually made." And even if you did know what server she was on, how are you going to see how much gold she made unless you log into her account? /rolls eyes. I don't blame her not saying what server she is on. I personally wouldn't want 500 million ppl psting me while I'm trying to play my GAME.

    Tella, keep up the good work. Post when you feel like it. Ignore these morons.

  34. @Jen
    Actually in game you can see how much gold people make by right clicking their portrait then compare achievements, then statistics under the wealth tab.

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